Lisa Hochstein is accused of swearing at and shoving her estranged husband Lenny Hochstein

Relationship drama seems to be everywhere, and there’s no shortage of Real Housewives of Miami. Lisa Hochstein divorces her doctor husband Lenny Hochstein and it becomes clear why they aren’t sharing 50th anniversary photos.

Both have participated in the mutual insults of the other. Lenny was accused of infidelity while Lisa was accused of bleeding his wallet dry. The court outings are frequent; Recently, Lenny said Lisa illegally bugged his car and that Lisa feels financially unsupported. Now it’s gotten even worse. Accordingly page six, Lisa might have become a bit clever. Perhaps. Allegedly.

Keep all your hands to you

Lenny has a brand new batch of papers to turn in. He did so after Lisa allegedly launched a “tirade” against him when he entered her marital home. She allegedly assaulted him verbally and said the incident was “harassment”.

When he went to her house and visited her former bedroom to pick up mail at his usual place, Lisa was less than pleased. The documents state: “Upon entering the master bedroom [Lisa] suddenly ran out of her combined bathroom and closet and was surprised [Lenny] by engaging in a verbal tirade and demanding the reason [Lenny] had entered the master bedroom.”

I know that situations like this can get emotional. Often people are already operating on a passionate hair trigger. The papers further state: “[Lisa] started pushing [Lenny] physically, which caused him to withdraw, and [Lisa] followed and followed [Lenny] while yelling at him.”

Lenny says Lisa could have just closed the door after he left. Instead, she tried to “escalate” the situation and contacted the police. She then (allegedly) referred to him as the “attacker” of the incident.

Lisa answers

The authorities responded to the complaint. They confirmed that there were “insufficient probable grounds” to jail any of them over the matter. Lisa issued a statement saying, “As we will make clear in our response statement, I have had to call the police for a long time about Lenny’s behavior.”

She added, “On that occasion, without my consent, he entered my bedroom before I was fully dressed and refused to leave while swearing and taunting me in front of the children.”

The court documents were filed as part of an emergency motion for temporary sole custody of their two children, according to Lenny. In Lenny’s opinion, the kids should be with him because of Lisa’s ALLEGED “behaviour”. He was willing to offer Lisa scheduled visits.

The judge disagreed and denied Lenny’s request for a hearing. Lenny further claims not to know what “issues” are influencing Lisa’s actions, but believes it was due to the discovery of the listening devices she allegedly had installed in his car. Lisa has also denied these allegations.

As always, team kids.

Tell us: Do you think Lisa attacked Lenny? Do you think she would bug his car?

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