‘Little Mermaid’ lyric changes anger OG fans and Fox News

A few weeks ago, The little mermaid Star Halle Bailey the internet churned up when she revealed her version of Ariel would have bigger ambitions than “wanting to leave the ocean for a boy”. Now we have another update on the upcoming Disney live-action movie that will once again have fans of the original film scratching their heads.

In case you were concerned that the remake would feature some non-consensual kisses, composer Alan Menken, who wrote the music for the original film, updated the lyrics of the song “Kiss The Girl” to respect Ariel’s limitations.

“There are some lyrical changes in ‘Kiss the Girl’ because people were very sensitive to that idea [Prince Eric] would definitely force himself to do so [Ariel]’ Menken recently told Vanity Fair.

The quote has confused much of the internet. However, in 2018, an all-male Princeton a cappella group called the Tigertones was forced to remove “Kiss The Girl” from their set list after critics described the performance as “misogynistic” and “non-consensual.” As the group sang the tune, they would select a man and woman from the audience and encourage them to kiss.

However, the context of “Kiss The Girl” within the 1989 animated film is quite different. The singing crab Sebastian plays the tune while Ariel and Prince Eric are on a romantic boat trip where Ursula’s servants Flotsam and Jetsam ultimately stop the two from kissing.

While Sebastian instructs Eric to “kiss the girl,” it is Ariel who desires the kiss in the first place. According to Ursula’s contract, she must receive her “true love’s” kiss within three days in order to remain human, or she becomes the property of Ursula under the sea. In the scene, Eric is also very shy and rarely “forces himself” on Ariel.

Like most news surrounding the film, this lyrical change has already caused quite a stir online, with many Twitter users linking back to the original film’s plot. Others think the changes are just unnecessary given the film’s less-than-progressive themes.

In another poorly received update, Menken also revealed that he had changed the lyrics to another iconic song, “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” sung by the film’s sea witch Ursula.

“We have some revisions in ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’ regarding lines that might somehow make young girls feel like they shouldn’t speak inappropriately, although Ursula is clearly manipulating Ariel into giving up her voice,” the composer said. Twitter seemed equally confused at watering down an obviously villainous song.

Conservatives who are upset about it The little mermaid also intervened in the conversation for problematic reasons. On Thursday, the debate over the film’s “watch lyrics” made it to Fox News, where one host jokingly quipped, “The little mermaid used to sing ‘Up where they walk, up if they running,’ now she might sing ‘Up where they wake’ !’”

Overall, it looks like more details about the new one Little Mermaidwhich hits theaters on May 26th better stay under wraps.

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