‘Loot’ Premiere Recap – Maya Rudolph ‘Hot Ones’ Interview

The following post contains minor spoilers for prey‘s first three episodes.

prey‘s leading lady Maya Rudolph may enjoy parodying the popular YouTube series Hot Wing Name isbut when it comes to taking the heat yourselfshe prefers to be miles away from the kitchen.

“I said [host] sean [Evans] No, never ask me because I’m not coming,” Rudolph tells TVLine. “I’d love to sit down with him and talk, but I refuse to put any of it in my body!”

In Apple TV+’s latest workplace comedy (three episodes available to stream now, with new episodes releasing weekly on Fridays), Rudolph plays Molly Novak, a woman whose wealthy husband is a tech executive (severance pays Adam Scott) cheats on her very publicly, leaving her with an $87 billion divorce settlement. When she learns she’s the head of her own charity, she vows to do something good for underprivileged Americans, beginning with her (failed) attempt to rehabilitate some characters via interview spots on shows like Name is.

After leaving Anderson Cooper, Molly decides to participate in interviews that suit her speed, so she connects with Evans and his hugely popular interview series prey‘s third episode. But in true Molly fashion, the hot sauces are far more than she can take, and after drinking copious amounts of beer (some with milk in them – yuk!), Molly is spilled. Instead of describing the struggles with the cost of living in Los Angeles, she yells at Evans to “shut up” and rants that her “hole husband” is the only reason she has her “f-king.” “gets face melted away” from “those little tiny sharp pieces of st”. Your drunken tirade (the Naturally goes viral) ends with her telling Evans she can buy and quit his entire show while also killing everyone and getting away with it.

It’s an absolute breakdown, allowing Rudolph to flex every comedic bone in her body, with the help of slurred speech, hysterical physicality, and grandiose pretension. And while Loot Hot One's MeltdownThings weren’t going so well for Ms Novak in the show’s “hot seat,” how would Maya Rudolph have handled the situation?

“Maya could make it worse!” says Rudolf. She’s smiling but no doubt dead serious. “I talked to Sean about it and he explained all the sauces and that to me [Scoville] numbers in which they rise and I realized: I don’t think I could even get past one! I don’t think I would make it. I would burn myself inside or something!”

She also confirms that Evans “really, truly” eats his full wing plate at every interview. (We didn’t doubt you for a second, Sean!)

“I thought, ‘Do you have a spit bucket like I do?’ And he was like ‘No!’ He eats the stuff! Is not that crazy? He goes to the doctor to make sure everything is okay. I mean if you eat too many takis won’t it tear up your stomach lining or something? I love takis, don’t get me wrong, but they are scary. It is a lot of!”

Elsewhere in the premiere episodes, Molly attempts to fly the Foundation staff to a joint retreat in Miami, but a thunderstorm forces her to make an emergency landing, ruining her good intentions. Despite her overzealous attempt to entertain everyone, she is also able to smooth things over with a key council member upon her return, proving to Sofia that she genuinely wants to use her status and money to positively help the foundation.

Loot Sofia MollyAnd later Sofia apologizes to Molly for pushing her too hard during her interview preparation, although Molly fully accepted the blame for her Name is Fiasco. But instead of being harsh on her, Sofia instead keeps her encouraging, telling Molly that if she’s going to help, she needs to get her ex-husband out of her mind. The next day, Molly attempts another interview, only this time with calmer energy and a new focus.

And absolutely no hot wings.

Will Molly be able to do charity after all and how did you like it? prey‘s first three screenings? Rate them below, then let them loose in the comments!

https://tvline.com/2022/06/24/loot-premiere-recap-maya-rudolph-interview-hot-ones/ ‘Loot’ Premiere Recap – Maya Rudolph ‘Hot Ones’ Interview

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