Love, Death & Robot’s “Jibaro” ending explained

The third season of Love, Death and Robots Recently dropped on Netflix, and as expected, the final episode of the season left everyone speechless. Jibaro is unlike anything we’ve seen on TV, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from the creator who gave us the “Witness” episode in the show’s first season.

Episode 9, titled ‘jibaro’ comes from the mind of Alberto Mielgo, and the official synopsis states that it is a reinterpretation of Siren folklore from Greek mythology. It is about dangerous creatures that use their singing or enchanting voice to lure people to their deaths. Well, that’s what Jibaro is all about.

The episode takes place in a medieval setting where a group of knights stop by a lake to rest. At this point, a witch who appears to have supernatural powers uses her voice to charm each soldier and the priests. Now we see how everyone tries to get closer to this girl who, by the way, is covered in precious jewels. Everyone wants to be the only one to approach this creature, so each soldier starts killing each other. This leads to a bloodbath, and all but one knight, Jibaro, drown in the lake.

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Apparently, Jibaro is deaf, so he can’t hear this creature’s voice. Of course, the sorceress is fascinated that her charm doesn’t work on this one person. So she follows this knight into the forest and sleeps by her side. After a while, Jibaro stops running away from the woman and shows interest in her.

Love, Death, and Robots’ Jibaro is a ‘deadly dance of two predators’

Jibaro is naturally attracted to Golden Woman, but that wasn’t the case. The knight takes the opportunity and knocks the girl out with a headbutt. After that, he rips off every single jewel on the girl’s body and drops them into the lake.

Initially, the story makes you feel like Jibaro is a prey who falls in love with a predator. However, Jibaro himself is a predator, so it’s no wonder the episode synopsis says the episode is one “deadly dance of two predators.”

The knight is now trying to find his way out of the forest, and the sorceress’s blood is taking over the water in the lake. Since the water is now mixed with a supernatural being’s blood, it exhibits some healing properties and if he drinks this water, it will bring back Jibaro’s hearing.

The witch now regains consciousness and feels naked and broken after seeing what Jibaro did to her. As her revenge, she uses her voice and dance to lure Jibaro, and as expected, he enters the water and drowns. His body now lies with the witch’s countless other victims.

Jibaro’s story in Love, Death and Robots Season 3 is mostly about greed as the knight’s greed led him to his downfall. He could have left the forest when given the chance, but he chose to take everything from the witch. In the end he met the same fate as all the other knights who traveled with him. Love, Death & Robot’s “Jibaro” ending explained

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