Man discovers he has two cats after pet brings feline friend home and moves in

A cat owner living in Guam welcomed a new feline friend home after his cat brought home an unexpected guess.

Christian Fleming posted photos of his cat named Little on Reddit using the account name @sandcrabsailor. But there wasn’t just a cat in the photo. The post states: “The white one is mine. The black one is not my cat. Both came through the cat flap. He quickly felt comfortable. Took about three weeks, but now I have two cats.”

The new tuxedo cat named Tedo happily walked in through the cat door with Little, completely throwing Fleming off guard.

“I was surprised at first that the cat came in,” Fleming said Newsweek. “But if he’s hungry enough to be so brave, I wouldn’t begrudge him the food.”

Cat brings home a new cat friend
A cat owner gets quite a surprise when a new cat comes in through the cat door.

Fleming believes Tedo used to have a family, responding to a user by saying, “I’m 90 percent sure he was someone’s pet until someone got bored or abandoned him, which is mostly the case with friendly strays out here.” the case is.”

Although he is somewhat shy around people, Tedo is adjusting to his new home, Fleming said. It also helps that he loves Little and is very comfortable with Fleming’s dog.

“Since then he’s gotten braver and more comfortable,” Fleming said. “When he jumped at me to cuddle Little, I knew he had decided to live here.”

And it didn’t take long for Tedo to make his voice heard in the house. Fleming said the cat aggressively asks for pets and will scream if the food bowl doesn’t meet his standards.

“What a good friend! He said, ‘Hey bro, I have cool toys, a big scratching post and great food. Come check it out,’” Reddit user @oldnboredinaz commented. Another user wrote: “So cute! Your cat wanted a mate and took fate into his own…paws.”

Tedo felt comfortable in his new home and owner. Fleming said when the weather turned bad with thunder and lightning, Tedo hid behind his legs right next to Little. The safest place during the storm was on Fleming’s legs and under the desk. The new cat also discovered the benefits of fabrics and soft places and realized that they are great for sleeping.

“Now I tend to have a little herd following me around the house,” Fleming said.

Stray animal population in Guam

Fleming explained Newsweek that Guam has a huge stray animal population, linking the problem to the lack of funding for spay and neuter programs and the hurdles the country overcomes to remove pets from the island.

Accordingly The Guam Daily PostAbout 25,000 to 60,000 stray animals live on the island, or about 35 percent of the human population.

Organizations like the Boonie Flight Project are working to address Guam’s stray animal problem by finding permanent homes for these animals, but it comes at a high price. The Boonie Flight Project estimates that flying a single adult dog to the United States costs between $2,000 and $4,000, depending on the dog’s size and weight.

The Guam Department of Agriculture hopes to address the problem of the stray animal population through education, microchipping and low-cost spay and neuter programs run by the nonprofit animal shelter Guam Animals In Need (GAIN).

According to Pasquines, a nonprofit news organization, over 3,000 have been performed since the Department of Agriculture and GAIN collaborated in February 2022 to offer spays and neuters. A number that previously could have taken over three years to complete.

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