Man slammed for laughing at niece’s handmade gift: ‘Poor kid’

An uncle was beaten for laughing uncontrollably at a handmade gift from his 12-year-old niece.

In a now viral post, u/SupportiveHusbandnot has received more than 18,000 upvotes since January 2nd. More than 6,000 Reddit users commented on the lengthy thread.

Two stock images of a man laughing at a present and (inset above left) crocheted animals. An uncle was slammed online for laughing at a homemade gift from his niece.
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news week reached out to parenting expert Caroline Rowett, who suggested some ways the man can make things right with his niece.

The Redditor explained that the schoolgirl loves to do crafts and crocheted him a crocheted animal for Christmas. “But to be honest it looked REALLY REALLY bad,” he wrote.

“I couldn’t help but burst out laughing, and I couldn’t stop laughing no matter how hard I tried to suppress it,” the Redditor added, “so I had to apologize to go to the washroom, where.” I locked myself in for almost 10 minutes.”

The uncle went on to tell other users that his niece was in tears and would not accept his apology. She called him a “liar” when he said he liked the gift, adding that she “sucks about art.”

“My niece avoided me for most of the party afterwards. I tried to make her feel better by displaying her gift on my living room cupboard, but later in the day my wife pulled me aside and said to take it off after the party because, in her words, “really was “ugly” and made her uncomfortable.”

The uncle ended the post by saying the adults understood, but he felt guilty for destroying his niece’s trust.

A stock image of a crying teenager. The uncle explained that his reaction made his 12-year-old niece burst into tears.
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expert advice

Only in conversation news weekRowett, of Caroline Rowett Parenting Coaching in London, said: “His niece knows her uncle’s thoughts on her gift so there’s no point in pretending otherwise! An honest, sincere apology is the starting point.

“If the uncle thinks about what he would like to hear in the same situation, he will know what to say. After he apologizes, he can start repairing their relationship in creative ways,” Rowett added.

“For example, he might insist that she teach him how to crochet. Ideally, activities that get her laughing together will help relieve the pain she was feeling and any tension that has built up.

“Lear her uncle stop creating because of this setback (as one reader commented), finding opportunities to appreciate her positive traits is valuable,” she said.

“From what he says, she’s creative, thoughtful and generous, and letting her know that he thinks that (and other good things) of her will help rebuild confidence and her self-esteem.”

what do the comments say

Thousands of Reddit users have commented on the thread and are outraged.

The top comment garnered 38,200 upvotes and read: “She’s 12 and has been working really hard on something. Man, it breaks my heart just to think of her being laughed at. Poor child.”

Another Redditor wrote: “Laughing at a gift someone was looking forward to is just mean. You may have permanently damaged your niece’s self-image with your inappropriate response.”

Another user wrote: “She’s a kid and you made fun of her work. Also, you laughed for 10 minutes, what’s the matter with you.”

news week contacted u/SupportiveHusbandnot for comment. We have not been able to verify the details of the case.

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