Man slammed for telling wife he hopes baby doesn’t look like her

Commentators slammed a man after he told his pregnant wife he hopes their daughter doesn’t look like her during a toast to relatives.

The anonymous woman, known as u/Lillington579, wrote about the incident on Reddit’s popular Am I The A**hole forum, where she received more than 12,000 upvotes and 2,200 comments, many of which said the comments were from the man emotionally abusive. You can find the post here.

Emotional abuse, also called psychological abuse, includes attempts to isolate, frighten, or control a person, according to Healthline. A common tactic of emotional abuse is to erode a person’s self-esteem.

Some examples include condescending comments, asking them to “make a joke,” and embarrassing them in public.

In the post, titled “AITA for leaving in the middle of celebration over the toast my husband gave?” the 25-year-old woman said she is pregnant with her first baby and her husband’s, 31.

Wife offended by husband's comment
A woman walked away in the middle of dinner after her husband said he hoped their daughter looked nothing like her.
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They recently found out the baby is a girl and their in-laws gave them dinner to celebrate the reveal.

When they got to dinner, the woman said she was nervous because there were more people than she expected and she wasn’t a fan of crowds.

She said she was upset that her husband didn’t warn her about the number of people coming but stayed calm even though she barely ate because of her anxiety.

During the celebration, her husband said he wanted to offer a toast.

“He opened a bottle and poured himself a drink and wished our daughter ‘healthy, happy, but doesn’t look like me,'” the post reads. “Everyone at the table laughed. I sat and stared in shock as he continued to laugh with them.”

He opened a bottle and poured a drink, wishing our daughter “was healthy and happy, but not like me.”

original poster

The woman felt anger and fear and said she packed her things and left, followed by her mother-in-law.

The woman said she wanted to go home, but when her husband walked through the door, they started arguing.

“He said this was a ‘joke toast’ and that my reaction was overdone,” the post reads. “But since I’ve been pregnant, he’s kept implying that he doesn’t want our daughter to look like me. He even got up one morning and the first thing he said to me was how much he wished our daughter didn’t look like me.”

She said the comments hurt her as she’s already struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem, but when she told her husband she wanted to go home, he said she was “a baby” and needed to learn to “break a joke.” to understand”.

I went home and he called many times and told me to get my “insecurities” under control before passing them on to our daughter.

original poster

He also told her that leaving dinner was disrespectful to his relatives who came to celebrate.

“I went home and he called many times and told me to get my ‘insecurities’ under control before I pass them on to our daughter,” the post reads. “He urged me to get therapy and stop being dramatic like I was doing in front of his family.”

Redditors reactions

More than 2,200 users commented on the post, with many criticizing the man for his “bullying” and “abusive” behavior.

“Emotional abuse is no joke,” wrote one user.

“Leaving is the best solution? Yes. And not just dinner. He has said more than once that he doesn’t want his child to look like you,” commented one user. “Look out. He showed you exactly who he is and what he really thinks of you. Believe him.”

…Pay attention. He showed you exactly who he is and what he really thinks of you. believe him

Reddit comment

“He also bullies you because of the insecurities he amplifies in you,” added another user. “This is abusive behavior, OP. You don’t deserve it, and neither will your daughter. Because your husband is 100% the kind of AH that will make your daughter have similar self-esteem issues to control her too.”

“That sounds really insulting. NTA,” wrote another user. “Your husband needs to ditch the ‘jokes’ and grow up. And I think you should go to therapy to learn to value yourself.”

news week contacted u/Lillington579 for comment.

Another man was slammed by users on Reddit after telling his wife to “hurry up” while she was cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the family.

“The behavior you described is clinically characterized as verbal and emotional abuse,” one user commented.

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