Man slammed online after calling friend’s child ‘baggage’

The internet has slammed a man for calling his friend’s child ‘luggage’.

Posted on Reddit’s r/AmITeA**hole forum, a man under the anonymous username u/chandlerofpol shared his story to get feedback from the “AITA” community. The viral post has over 5,000 upvotes and 3,000 comments.

The original poster (OP) began his post by explaining that he was “Beth’s” best friend in his youth. However, all his and her friends knew that he had a crush on her. He assumed Beth knew too, but they continued their relationship as friends. Eventually, when they graduated from high school, they went to the same college and “were very close for years.”

During her junior year of college, she began dating and they began to lose touch with one another. Beth eventually moved in with her partner and they had a child together. When they did see each other it was quick talk as she was with her partner and child. He “didn’t see the point” in continuing the friendship as she “showed” him that she didn’t see the friendship lasting.

Man calling old friend's kid "Baggage"
Above, a woman rejects a man. A man is being called online for calling his friend’s child ‘baggage’.
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Recently, Beth started hanging out with their mutual friend group since she and her partner broke up. Since she has separated custody, she has time to go out with her friends. While traveling together, they got back together. Beth suggested they have dinner in the future to catch up.

“I told her it was nice to have her back in the group. I didn’t really see the point of getting dinner,” the OP explained, “she asked why. I said with her luggage it seemed like a waste of time “Well Beth went back and told all her friends I said that. So me, my two buddies and her friends watched the games this weekend. One of them did asked why I didn’t want to go out to dinner with Beth, given that I had a crush on her for a decade I said because she has luggage now and hasn’t spoken to me in years.

“Obviously she wants something from me and I’m not interested in a mother at this point in my life. But maybe a few years will pass and we can have dinner. The girlfriends started riding on my school luggage. I said her kid was baggage. And that alone didn’t interest me in catching up. Because it wasn’t going anywhere and honestly felt like a waste of time,” they continued.

His friends think he’s wrong and should apologize to Beth, but believe he didn’t do anything wrong.

news week contacted u/chandlerofpol for comment.

news week has published several articles about relationships, including a woman praised for leaving her “offending” boyfriend on the side of the road and how the internet supported a woman after she had a fight with her “legitimate” boyfriend over mayonnaise.

How to rekindle a broken friendship

Have you previously had a “best friend” from work or school that didn’t end up the way you wanted? Want to reach them but don’t know how to act? shared some tips:

  • Make the first move: There is no harm in sending a message to the person. Ask if they would like to meet for coffee or dinner.
  • Offer a sincere apology: Don’t be ashamed to admit mistakes. Tell them you want to work on repairing the relationship.
  • Do the unpredictable: Be spontaneous and do something sincere to let them know how important they are to you.
  • Talk about the old days: Take a trip down memory lane and remember the good times you had together.
  • Try the fun things you used to do together: Make new memories by doing all the activities you both loved in the past.

Redditor reaction

U/adorable__elephant wrote after receiving the top comment from over 20,000 upvotes: “1. First of all, she wasn’t talking about a date, she wanted to catch up. You assume that you’re such a catch that she’s automatically romantically interested in you being arrogant [as f**k].

“2. You’ve just admitted to your entire circle of friends that you’re not ready to start a friendship if ‘there’s nothing in it for you’.

“3. They act as if her worth as a person has been diminished now that she has a child.

“4. You dehumanized her child by calling him baggage. I don’t know if that’s some kind of defense mechanism because you’re still upset that she dated someone else or if you watch too many incel podcasts. Probably both. You lack basic fucking respect. [You’re the a**hole,]’ the commenter continued.

“[You’re the a**hole] a child is not baggage; your unrequited affection seems to be it though,” exclaimed u/PlanktonOk4846.

“[You’re the a**hole] So basically you’re saying that you were never interested in being FRIENDS with Beth. You were only interested in her as long as there was a slight possibility that she would one day shag you. And apparently you don’t think moms are bang-worthy. Sad,” commented u/poeadam.

u/oy-c**t- said: “[You’re the a**hole]. She was never a friend to you. If she were, meeting at dinner would be perfectly normal. But because you still see her as a potential partner, her baggage is a deal breaker. Children are not deal breakers in platonic relationships. Seems there’s a reason you’re single.” Man slammed online after calling friend’s child ‘baggage’

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