Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Democrats ‘pedophiles’ and does CrossFit in softball ’60 Minutes’ interview

Although Lesley Stahl opened her controversial meeting with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Sunday and read the congressman a series of insults, the momentum for a confrontational interview could not quite be sustained.

In the voiceover, Stahl called Greene “shrewd and fearless” and ended the segment by musing on whether the secessionist, QAnon-adjacent lawmaker would be able to “extend her brazen MTG brand beyond the right-wing populist base.” . ”

To open the 60 minutes Interview filmed before Donald Trump’s impeachment, Stahl told Greene, “We looked up some words that were said about you… Crazy Q-Clown, Looney Tune, off the rails, idiot. Pretty ugly stuff.”

“Looks like the average troll on my Twitter feed,” Greene replied calmly. “Well, I don’t really care.”

The congresswoman then took the opportunity to double down on some of her own verbal taunts. When Stahl challenged her to a previous claim that “the Democrats are a party of pedophiles,” Greene rushed to corroborate the baseless claim.

“I would definitely say that,” she said. “They support the care of children.”

“They are not pedophiles,” Stahl said in one of the interview’s rare replies. “Why would you say that?”

“Democrats — Democrats support, even Joe Biden, the President himself, supports child sexualization and transgender operations,” Greene spat, invoking an alt-right line of applause that has been repeatedly debunked. “Sexualizing children is what pedophiles do to children.”

“Wow. Okay,” Stahl replied. “But my question really is, can’t you fight for what you believe in without all that name calling and personal attacks?”

The The segment also featured Greene showing Stahl through her “conservative, mostly white, working-class neighborhood,” complete with clips of fans rushing to flock to their congressman on the street to hug her. (“Her constituents agree with her on the issues and like the way she fights for her beliefs,” Stahl said of the footage.) Part also featured Greene, a CrossFit fanatic, pumping irons at the gym while she spoke to Stahl.

Greene also dug at her heels on previous social media activity, refusing to apologize for “liking” Facebook comments explaining that Nancy Pelosi was about to be shot and that the shooting happened in the Parkland School was a false flag operation.

“My social media was also run by other people. I don’t think I did that,” she said when asked about the Pelosi comment.

“Are you saying that you don’t stand by what’s on your social media?” Stahl asked.

“Well of course I stand up for what’s on my social media,” Greene shot back. “But sometimes not – you’re not always in control. We have all kinds of people working on our social media.”

When Stahl tried to ask her about her stance on Parkland, Greene insisted, “No, I never said Parkland was a false flag. No, I never said that,” when the program displayed screenshots of their activity that showed otherwise.

But when Stahl tried to tell Greene that the 60 minutes After the team fact-checked them, the congresswoman swept over her and demanded, “Have you fact-checked all of my statements from kindergarten through 12th grade? And at university? And since I’ve paid my taxes and I’ve never broken any law, and the only thing – I’ve gotten a couple of speeding tickets. Do we have to talk about that too?”

Greene compared Stahl to her online critics, complaining that the focus was never “on anything good about me,” prompting the CBS host to back down. “Let me button this up and we’ll get on with it,” Stahl said.

The decision to interview Greene was met with scathing backlash when it was first announced by CBS News earlier this week. Critics slammed the platform of a virulent conspiracy theorist who called for more guns in schools after the Nashville school shooting that killed six people.

“You’re legitimizing a ghoul molesting school shooting victims @60Minutes.” The western wing Actor Bradley Whitford tweeted on Saturday. “But yeah @LesleyRStahl, you’re going to get loads of attention! Not good for a generation traumatized by gun violence. Shame on you.”

Hours before the interview aired Sunday night, Mary Trump, the former president’s niece, said tweeted“Hey, @60Minutes – I fixed it for you.” In a Photoshop screenshot by a 60 minutes In a tweet promoting the interview, Trump adapted the copy to read, “American insurgent Marjorie Taylor Greene is not ashamed or afraid to share her opinions, no matter how despicable and anti-American.”

“She sits down with former journalist Leslie Stahl [sic]’ the rewritten text continued, ‘doing her best to normalize Greene’s fascism. DON’T LOOK TODAY!” Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Democrats ‘pedophiles’ and does CrossFit in softball ’60 Minutes’ interview

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