Marjorie Taylor Greene says she was ‘attacked’ during a visit to Whistle’s DC jail

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she and other House Republicans who visited rioters in jail on Jan. 6 were “staggered” by the sound of a man blowing a whistle at them afterwards.

Greene and other members of the House of Representatives visited the prison in Washington, DC on Friday. Republicans have argued that the January 6 prisoners are treated particularly harshly in prison because of their “politics and beliefs.” Greene previously visited the facility in November 2021, when she said the detained rioters showed her “evidence of abuse and neglect.”

The Georgia congresswoman said she and her fellow Republicans were treated harshly by protesters at a news conference Friday after their jail visit. She said a man with a whistle committed an “assault” by interrupting the press conference and loudly blowing the whistle at people while the Republicans were speaking.

“We toured DC Prison today and held a press conference in front of the prison after our tour,” Greene said tweeted. “This man attacked everyone there by whistling at the top of his voice in others’ ears and tried to attack me and other members several times.”

Greene said her associates tried and failed to persuade police to arrest the man. The effort apparently included an attempt to get a DC prison guard to confront him.

The Congressmen’s tweet also included video of the man, wearing sunglasses and a face mask, loudly blowing his whistle near the ear of a woman who appeared to be trying to “block” him during the press conference.

“My staff and others like this very nice lady did their best to block him,” Greene wrote. “He needs to be arrested and we tried to arrest him. My co-worker called 911 and got an automated record for several minutes before reaching a human. She reported the guy. She then asked the prison to send an officer and they refused.”

Marjorie Greene'attacked' by Whistle DCJail Visit
GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is shown at the US Capitol on January 10, 2023 in Washington, DC. Greene said Friday that she and other House Republicans were “attacked” by the screeching of a blown whistle during a visit to a jail in January 6 rioters.
Drew Angerer/Getty

Greene suggested the incident was one of “a million” examples of “the left” targeting her and other conservatives “without accountability.” She claimed that the same man was present at a 2021 press conference she held near the Department of Justice (DOJ) building.

During the video shared in Greene’s tweet, an off-screen person appears to touch the man at one point, prompting him to angrily reply, “Don’t touch! Touch it, you die!” Greene said the moment was evidence a “direct threat” had been made.

“This is just one more example of a million others the left repeatedly holds unaccountable,” Greene wrote. “Funnily enough, the same guy was at the DOJ in 2021 before our press conference. Sounds like a direct threat: ‘Don’t touch! Touch, you die!’”

Additionally videos the GOP press conference show that Greene and Republicans including Florida Representative Byron Donalds was often drowned out by the whistler and other protesters as they attempted to speak out about conditions in the prison.

The press conference was also attended by a truck covered in large video screens playing footage of violent rioters in the Capitol while Republicans spoke. The Congressional Integrity Project, a group founded by Democratic strategists, called that it was responsible for the existence of the “mobile billboard”.

Green called during the press conference that Jan. 6 was “not a riot” and argued that DC prisons had been denied their “pre-trial rights.” She claimed the piper and others who interrupted the press conference were “paid protesters.”

Two House Democrats also attended Friday’s jail tour, Rep. Jasmine Crockett of Texas and Robert Garcia of California. Their accounts of how January 6 prisoners were treated in prison were very different from those of Republicans.

Crockett said in a opinion that the January 6 prisoners were treated “an order of magnitude” better than prisoners she worked with as a public defender in Texas.

“This visit was nothing more than a political stunt,” added Crockett. “And
It’s a shame because the issue of prison reform deserves real, bipartisan action.”

Garcia accused Greene of “telling lies about the state of the facility,” adding that Republican lawmakers on the tour to the prisoners of 6 and our democracy itself.”

“As we exited the facility, the January 6 inmates started singing ‘Let’s Go Brandon,'” Garcia said. “The claim by the MAGA extremists that the January 6 defendants are political prisoners and have been subjected to inferior treatment is a complete fraud.”

news week emailed Greene’s office for further comments. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she was ‘attacked’ during a visit to Whistle’s DC jail

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