Marjorie Taylor Greene says she won the debate with rival Marcus Flowers

Republican arsonist Marjorie Taylor Greene claims she won Sunday night’s debate with her Democratic rival Marcus Flowers.

The congresswoman, commonly known by her initials MTG, took on Flowers during the event, which was filmed and broadcast live by Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Overnight, she took to social media to explain that she had beaten her opponent. The pair are fighting in Georgia for the District 14 congressional seat in next month’s midterms.

A photo of Greene raising her arm in triumph, which she uploaded to her social media channel Telegram, is captioned: “MTG wins the debate. Defeat the democratic opposition.” Posting the picture, she also called for more donations for her campaign.

Marjorie Taylor Green
Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is campaigning to retain her seat in Congress, was pictured on Capitol Hill in Washington DC last month
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But Flowers, a veteran who worked at the State Department, also suggested winning the debate, tweeting, “I just got off the debate stage with Marjorie Taylor Greene and it’s clear our message is winning and she’s unsettled.” .” He also called for donations, adding, “Help us win this on November 8th.

Responding to a Twitter user who shared footage of the debate, he said: “Marjorie Taylor Greene is unfit for duty. This was made clear by her appearance on the debate stage tonight.”

There were some hot spots in the heated debate. One of the most controversial was when Flowers questioned Greene about her previous claims that President Joe Biden “stole” Donald Trump’s election. She had encouraged people to protest, and protesters later stormed the Capitol in deadly riots on Jan. 6 last year. Greene later reportedly requested a presidential pardon.

But during the debate, she claimed to be “a victim of the Jan. 6 riots, along with every other member of Congress.”

Flowers asked Greene, “Did Joe Biden win the election, Congressman Greene?”

“Joe Biden is the President of the United States, Marcus,” she replied.

“Absolutely — but you lied a big lie that he didn’t win the election and you herded those people into the Capitol on January 6,” he said.

She interrupted him to claim, “There was voter fraud in the 2020 election and my husband has proof of it.”

As moderator Karyn Greer tried to steer the debate to the next question, Greene continued speaking, claiming she had “evidence of voter fraud.”

The host again tried to scold her to ask the next question, and Greene said, “Ok, but he’s not going to charge me with a crime if I haven’t committed one.” When asked about her next question she replied, “Yes, ma’am, I would,” but then turned to Flowers and snapped, “You’re a liar, by the way.”

Greene has previously claimed that when her husband, a businessman who is divorcing her, went to vote in the 2020 election, an official told him his vote had already been cast by mail.

On Sunday, she tweeted: “Election fraud is real. Our family knows it firsthand. In the 2020 general election, when Perry went to the polls in person, he was told that the SOS [Secretary of State records] showed that he had already voted by mail. He didn’t request a postal vote in 2020, and didn’t even request a postal vote… This has happened to many other Georgian voters. In fact, on that day in 2020, Perry had to queue to sign the affidavit while other voters said the same thing happened to them. Were their unsolicited and never-received “mail-in ballots” also counted?”

Markus flowers
Democrat Marcus Flowers, who hopes to unseat incumbent Marjorie Taylor Green in the midterms next month.
Marcus Flowers Media Center

Flowers accused Greene of caring more about the “criminals in prison” for her January 6 role than about the people in her own county. But she said she was simply fighting a hypocritical “two-tier justice system”.

While Flowers focused on Greene’s controversial support for the rioters’ goals, she focused on the fact that he often wears a cowboy hat despite “not owning a single cattle.” She twice referenced his hat to mock her during the 30-minute debate, during which she also called Democrats “the party of child abuse” for their stance on transgender children.

She also took issue with one of the journalists who asked her a question, apparently accusing the media of being synonymous with “Democrat activists.” Reporter Josh Roe said: “You got kicked off your committees for saying controversial things, you apologized for controversial statements, right? … What is your procedure for checking and verifying the things you say publicly? ?” She replied, “The things I say publicly are the truth and that’s why they’re so offensive to democratic activists and the media, just like you.”

It’s unclear if the debate has brought any voters to the other side, with supporters tweeting both candidates to congratulate them on their respective accomplishments. However, Greene has the tip of winning in the staunch Republican district held by the party for nearly 30 years.

news week has reached out to both Greene and Flowers for comment. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she won the debate with rival Marcus Flowers

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