Mark Hamill speaks the truth on January 6th

Markus Hamill may know a thing or two about riots since he’s been in a few movies war of stars Franchise. After what happened on that day two years ago, how is this nation supposed to move forward with dignity or confidence in the system? Mark Hamill demands accountability and that’s what this country needs.

A joint session of Congress was scheduled for January 6, 2021 to count the votes and confirm Joe Biden’s election. Protesters gathered outside, but many with intent to enter the US Capitol and disrupt the election process. news week reports that the Secret Service and FBI estimate that 120,000 gathered at the Capitol, but they have not officially released those numbers. The number of people who actually entered the building continues to rise, but is said to have totaled around 1,200 time reports that only 840 of them were arrested.

Of those arrested, one of the most notable insurgents is Jacob Anthony Chansley, wearing his horned hat and shirtless carrying a flag. He is now in prison for 41 months. Richard Barnett was another who entered Nancy Pelosi’s office, sorted her things and propped his feet on her desk as he sat in her chair. He is currently awaiting his verdict. The justice system isn’t sitting still in its action, but it’s not moving fast enough, nor is it thorough enough for Mark Hamill.

Of course, there are people who have different perspectives on what happened that day. They only know about the peaceful organizers who didn’t storm the Capitol. They are unaware of those who entered the building and smashed windows, attacked officers and injured their own in a brute force stampede that left 5 dead, ABC reports. If they don’t learn everything that happened that day, they can deny it and be comfortable with it.

Mark Hamill isn’t the only one who feels justice is moving slowly, but it’s actually moving. It’s hard to imagine how difficult it would be to identify everyone, especially since a majority of the intruders wore masks. However, it is the job of law enforcement to not only hold them accountable, but to restore trust in the American people.

Restoration of faith should be a priority. Of course, getting the bad guys is important, and making a statement is just as important. The problem is that when the American people lose faith in a system that doesn’t seem to be working, that can create even more problems. It encourages bad people to do bad things while it makes good people feel like they have to take the law into their own hands.

It is known that some rioters were up to no good and others were really up to no good. A certain person filmed, who remains anonymous, attempted to blow up the Capitol with pipe bombs. That would be a huge case to solve, and it requires serious attention.

While some people on the right like to downplay the insurgency, on the left it’s a big deal. It has taken time to get the facts straight and hold people accountable, but it is a huge task and progress is being made. It may not be as fast as people would like, but it moves. Mark Hamill speaks the truth on January 6th

Lindsay Lowe

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