Markiplier wraps up filming on directorial debut Iron Lung

This is a wrap on Iron lung. It was recently reported that the YouTuber marker shot the horror film based on the computer game of the same name. He reportedly financed the film himself and will be starring in addition to directing it. It has also been reported that Markiplier is producing with Will Hyde and Jeff Guerrero, while Caroline Rose Kaplan will also star.

Markiplier posted a new video on YouTube on Saturday simply captioned “I’m back”. He announces right at the beginning of the video that he’s “finally finished filming Iron lung.He says the journey has taken a lot longer than he “ever thought,” but with the project wrapping up filming, Markiplier says he’ll have more time to get back to producing more content for his YouTube channel You can watch the announcement video at.


“I was missing [making videos] much more than I ever imagined,” YouTube says in the clip. “Just breaking the normal routine of making videos by going out and filming something even bigger, technically still making a video, just a very big, intense video. But I’m finally done.”

He added: “It’s great to be able to commit so fully to something and I can’t wait to tell you about it and I know you have so many questions about it. Unfortunately I won’t be able to answer many of them, but I can tell you that I’m incredibly proud of what we’re doing here… I’m incredibly proud to bring this game to life in a movie awaken, such an incredibly rewarding experience.”

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Markiplier makes his directorial debut

Markiplier previously released a teaser trailer for the film, which you can see above. The teaser highlights the film’s claustrophobic setting, which, like the game, appears to be set in a dark submarine. In the video game, players are threatened by changes in oxygen and pressure levels and attempt to navigate the waters using only the submarine’s camera and a chart. It’s a game Markiplier has even played on his YouTube channel, and he thanks fans in his new video for how well they’ve taken to the recent teaser. He was also pleased that the film spread far beyond its fans into mainstream media.

“Articles have been written about this teaser trailer, the fact that I’m doing this film,” says Markiplier.

While the video game hints at what the film will be about, Markiplier is yet to reveal any plot details. He admits he was amused by the “wild guesses” some people had about what the adaptation would be like. Aside from that, he also says he surprised himself at what he had in mind while devising the script.

“I can tell you that even in my wildest imagination of what it would be like when I wrote it, it’s so much more,” he said.

Iron lung has no release date yet.

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