Married to medicine star Jackie Walters’ important talk with Vice President Kamala Harris

Sometimes reality TV viewers are so engrossed in the drama, scandals and production that they forget the people they are watching are human. This applies in particular to Jackie Walters from Married to medicine Fame. With so much press surrounding her husband’s affair, it’s easy to forget that Jackie is a real doctor.

In fact, achievements can easily be overshadowed when fans constantly wait for people like Jackie to talk about their personal lives. We forget how qualified Dr. Jackie is to speak out on real issues.

So it was a great memory for everyone when Jackie sat down for a virtual interview with the VP Kamala Harris. No less on Mother’s Day. The conversation was posted on both women’s Instagram accounts. Check out the highlights of their conversation below.

dr Jackie and the Vice President take women’s health seriously

This isn’t Kamala’s first time dealing with reality TV stars, but this time it was even more important. The duo opened the interview by thanking each other for taking the time. dr Jackie thanked for everything Vice President Harris has done, especially for women and mothers. “Thank you for listening to us,” she said. She then set the stage for the discussion. She stated, “We are in an intense time of difficulty, difficulty and danger when it comes to maternity mortality.”

The vice president agreed, noting that black women are three times more likely to die in childbirth in the contemporary era of the United States. She called that fact “inexcusable,” especially given the wealth of the US.

Vice President Harris then asked Dr. Jackie on what her most valuable piece of advice for moms would be, to which she said, “Make sure you’re comfortable enough with a doctor to ask questions… go to a doctor who makes you feel safe and supported.” It should be common knowledge by now that women find it much harder to be taken seriously by doctors than men.

Vice President Harris concluded by addressing the call for Medicaid coverage to be expanded. She explained that if the remaining 18 states enrolled, mothers would be entitled to postpartum care for 12 months. She also let everyone know about a maternal emotional and mental health support hotline — 1-833-TLC-MAMA. “Let’s work together and I know we will make a difference.”

Kamala Harris then commented on the interview. She said: “On Mother’s Day we celebrate our country’s mothers for the care they are providing – but we must also renew our commitment to making sure they get the care they need.”


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