MCU fans are in disbelief at the rumors of the all-powerful Thunderbolts villain

Henry Cavill quickly debunked rumors that he was slated for a surprise Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as Hyperion in Season 2 of Lokibut based on the latest Scuttlebutt to sweep the internet, it sounds like the franchise could be looking for a star just as handsome as the former Geralt of Rivia to bring the character to life thunderbolts.

If we follow the trail of breadcrumbs recently left behind, it makes perfect sense. Rumors circulated that the Squadron Supreme would be seen as the greatest threat, forcing the MCU’s rogue band of anti-heroes to band together and stop them, with Hyperion being a founding member of the rogue group.

So if we put two and two together, which is always a risky move in the world of online hearsay, we wouldn’t be too surprised if the almighty being was brought into the mix – especially when he has ties to a large number of established favorites in the comics.

Not only that, the supremely handsome gentlemen Ryan Gosling and Alexander Skarsgård have emerged as potential frontrunners for the role, so at least we know Hyperion will keep his signature blonde, buff and very easy on the eyes. Hypothetically of course.

With shooting on thunderbolts Expected to begin in the spring, it shouldn’t be too long before we get confirmation as to whether or not Squadron Supreme and Hyperion will actually appear in the film, as well as the identity of the person cast as the latter. Gosling is open to MCU gigs, it should be noted, and he’d be a hell of a choice for a project trying to shake the stigma of being a B-tier offering. MCU fans are in disbelief at the rumors of the all-powerful Thunderbolts villain

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