Miley Cyrus opens up about bringing her own style to Hannah Montana

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She found the best of both worlds! Miley Cyrus spoke about how she can learn to leverage her own fashion identity while portraying her Disney Channel alter ego, Hannah Montana.

“There was a time when I didn’t have that much control because I was playing a character,” said Cyrus, 30 British Vogue on Saturday May 20 episode of life in appearance, The “Flowers” singer remembered 17 of her most famous outfits. “It wasn’t always about my own feelings, it was about what’s best for the character. And as I began to understand that the magic of Hannah is actually the magic of me, I started to infuse my own style into her style.”

Cyrus played the title character in the 2006 Disney Channel premiere of the series. The sitcom – which ran for four seasons and spawned over 100 concerts, five soundtracks and a feature film – followed Miley Stewart (Cyrus) as she leads a double life and morphs into famed pop singer Hannah Montana.

When talking to British VogueThe last song Stern pointed to a custom-made product Jeremy Scott Dress from the show’s first season — featuring patterns from various road signs and a large collar — when I first “decided I was going to be in control of what I wore.”

While the ‘Party in the USA’ singer revealed the ‘fabulous’ dress came from a brutal ‘four hour fitting’ Hannah Montana On set, she gushed about Scott, 47, and his “loyalty” at a time when “no designer knew how to dress a teenage pop star from a Disney TV show.”

“But he did, and I think that’s part of her genius,” she added.

The Grammy nominee went further in her fashion magazine, also detailing a bolder look from a 2010 concert in Paris. The outfit — consisting of a crop-top tee, leather shorts and four Beaumont belts from her “personal” collection — felt both “protective” and “completely different” from her usual Hannah Montana style, she explained Cyrus.

“It was my way of introducing myself to the world as Miley,” she continued. “I’ve been a character for so long, so that was the beginning of Miley’s development.”

Since shedding the blonde wig, the ‘Younger Now’ singer has undergone increasingly dramatic style evolutions over the years, often making it clear that she’s not afraid to go shock values ​​when it comes to fashion.

During an interview in 2021 with FashionCyrus revealed that her multiple style choices are specifically designed to reflect her personality at all times.

“For me, fashion is like turning your head around yourself. It’s like carrying your heart, carrying your courage, carrying your values, carrying your identity, carrying your pain, carrying your joy,” she shared. “There’s something childish about it. You’re so fearless when you dress like a kid. You don’t think about what someone will think of you or what they will judge.”

She added, “It’s all about the expression and how you’re feeling that day.” There’s a fearlessness there. And when I dress I try to think like my inner child and be real and authentic in everything I wear.”

When it comes to looking back on her time as Hannah Montana, the songwriter has mixed feelings about the show — but just love for the character.

“You were like a rocket that flew me to the moon and never brought me back. … You and I went through all this together, my friend. We shared a lot of news. much holds. UPS. depths. Tears and laughter,” the former child star wrote via Instagram in a March 2021 open letter to their on-screen counterpart. “Hannah, I hope you hear me and believe these words are true. You have all my love and deepest gratitude. It has been an honor to bring you to life over these six years. …I love you, Hannah Montana.”

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