Missing Indiana boy found safe after 8 days, police still investigating ‘disturbing’ photo of t-shirt he was forced to wear by parents

Indiana police are still investigating why a 14-year-old boy ran from his parents after he was forced to wear a T-shirt with a disturbing message and went missing for eight days.

Scottie Dean Morris was last seen leaving his home in the town of Eaton around 8:30pm on March 16 but was found eight days later after a massive search by law enforcement and volunteers.

Online detectives heavily criticized the boy’s parents when police first made this public the last known photo of him with a shaved head and a shirt with sentences written on it that called him a liar as punishment. Some pointed out that in the photo he appeared to be sitting with a backpack behind him.

Police called the photo “troubling” although they made it clear that the family had fully cooperated in their investigation.

Finally, they cropped the photo to cut out the words on his shirt.

A police officer found the boy on the street in Eaton on Saturday. According to media reports, he was wearing the same punishment shirt and clothes as when he left home.

Eaton Police Chief Jay Turner released a statement saying two people were questioned by police but later released.

“The Department of Child Services supports Scottie. The family continues to cooperate with all aspects of the investigation,” he added.

Before the boy was found, his mother, Felicia Morris, made a tearful plea to television cameras.

“Scott, I love you and I want you to come home,” she said. “And I know you’re angry and confused. I’m afraid you’re scared of all this. Everyone is looking for you and we’re not trying to scare you.”

A Facebook group set up by the boy’s aunt has been shut down over the hate the family received from critics.

“This group is being taken down because of the trolls and bad people who just can’t keep their big mouths shut. Again, a big thank you to the people who have supported our family.” wrote Melissa Morris May.

“To the trolls and haters, kiss my ass and crawl back in your holes,” she added.

Here’s a local news report on the Morris News:

Indiana community searches for missing teen for dayswww.youtube.com

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