Modern Warfare 3 doesn’t spark Russian controversy with its own shocking mission

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’s campaign is now available to those who pre-ordered the game digitally, and that means people are playing it and releasing footage of the story mode.

This story contains major spoilers for Modern Warfare 3’s campaign.

According to rumors, the game includes a shocking No-Russian-style mission in which players are involved in a terrorist attack that claims many lives. In the mission, the villain Makarov boards a plane with his henchmen as they plan a terrorist attack on a plane. Makarov and his companions pass through airport security without any problems and make their way to their gate to catch the 6:45 p.m. flight to Sochi, Russia. The screen fades to black before continuing with a cutscene showing a plane full of men, women and children, many of them Russian nationals.

Makarov forces a woman named Samara, who previously had ties to a military organization fighting against Russia, to carry a bomb on the plane and eventually detonate it. This scene takes place in the first person from Samar’s perspective. Markarov forces this woman into the back of the plane with the bomb strapped to her chest. She is forced to carry a pistol in her hand against her will. She tells Makarov and says she is not a terrorist. But that’s what she looks like when she holds the bomb and the pistol in her hand, says a henchman. She begs the passengers to help her defuse the bomb, but believing she is a terrorist, they attack her – eventually the bomb explodes.

Makarov and his team of villains escape the plane using parachutes. All people on board die in the explosion, a news report said, adding that the plane crashed in a suspicious manner. On the next mission, Task Force 141 investigates the crash site and begins to uncover the truth about what actually happened.

Previously, a developer from Infinity Ward suggested that Modern Warfare III could put players on an interactive terror mission in a deleted tweet seen by GameSpot. Modern Warfare III’s aircraft sequence was likely the mission the developer was referring to.

The No Russian mission from 2009’s Modern Warfare II was controversial, and this sequence in Modern Warfare III is sure to spark some debate and controversy as well. Before Modern Warfare III’s release, an earlier trailer strongly suggested that Modern Warfare III would feature a terrorist attack on a plane.

The No Russian mission polarized not only the fans, but also the developers themselves at Infinity Ward. In some people’s eyes, the sequence went too far in its depiction of extreme violence, with many calling it particularly unpleasant given how common mass shootings occur in real life.

In the 2009 game and the remaster, players are warned about “objectionable content” and given the option to skip the mission entirely. It doesn’t appear that this new mission in Modern Warfare III will give players the option to skip the plane sequence or warn them about the content.

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