Mom is celebrated for telling sister she accomplished “nothing” without parents

A woman has asked Reddit if she’s wrong about calling her younger sister after insulting her first, in a post that has garnered over 12,000 likes.

In a post on the AmITeA**hole forum, user u/Meansisteraita stated, “Although our parents loved me (30F) and my younger sister Olivia (27F), we were not treated equally or held to the same standards. I was always expected to be a hardworking, responsible child and make responsible decisions, but Olivia was encouraged to have fun and our parents supported her whenever she made an irresponsible decision.

“For example, if Olivia was doing poorly in school because she wasn’t trying, they would pay tutors to do her homework. But if I was really struggling in a subject, they would tell me to find out for myself. Her justification was that Olivia was the little sister and she needed more help and attention than I did.

“But they still clung to that excuse well into adulthood for Olivia. I still love my parents, but because of their favoritism, I’m honestly closer to my husband’s parents than to my own.”

sibling rivalry
sibling rivalry. Image from a photo agency. One study showed that 77 percent of parents wouldn’t admit to having a favorite, but of the 23 percent who said they had a favorite, 56 percent said it was the younger child.
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She goes on to explain that Olivia wanted to be a nurse but failed the exams, and then asked her parents to “invest a huge amount of money on her to start a business,” which promptly failed. She describes how her sister is now unemployed and living at her parents’ house “to find out things”.

The woman then describes an interaction at her son’s second birthday party. After speaking to her aunt-in-law about her students as she works part-time as a creative writing tutor, u/Meansisteraita writes, “Olivia joined in and asked a few questions and then commented, ‘Not like you ever do would be able to make it big by yourself. No offense, sis.’ I replied, ‘Livvy, a quick reminder that you haven’t accomplished anything in your life without mom or dad holding your hand.’”

She continued, “‘Once you do that, you can criticize my work all you want.’ Olivia, of course, was offended and began to cause a scene. My parents and a few other relatives said my reaction was cruel and I didn’t dare say it. But my husband and his family say that Olivia invited them after she insulted me. First, I’m conflicted about whether I’m wrong.”

preference for younger children

It would arguably be difficult to find a group of siblings who don’t believe they have been treated unfairly, particularly in favor of their younger siblings, despite protests from parents that they always treat their children equally.

In a study by parenting website Mumsnet, 1,185 parents were asked if they had a favorite child and if so, which one. The results showed that 77 percent of parents would not admit they have a favorite, but of the 23 percent who said they had a favorite, 56 percent said it was the younger child.


Many users were quick to defend the Original Poster (OP) comeback to her sister. In a comment with nearly 14,000 likes, one user said, “So she can serve it up but not take it?” while another agreed, “She forgot to say ‘no offense sis’ that would have changed everything.”

Lamenting the parents’ hypocritical behavior, one user wrote: “Hypocrisy is a sign of a narcissist. The sister is entitled to being the Golden Child, so she feels special. Normal rules don’t apply,” to which another person replied, “The sister is entitled to be the golden child, so she feels special. Normal rules do not apply. And OP’s parents come off as narcissists too, sister.

“OP’s parents are absolutely disgraceful for siding with the sisters here when she started claiming OP was a loser! OP, you have every right to die on that hilltop and demand better treatment out here when your parents and sister want you with your life.”

Newsweek has reached out to u/Meansisteraita for comment. We have not been able to verify the details of the case.

If you have a similar family issue, let us know at We can ask experts for advice, and your story could be featured on Newsweek. Mom is celebrated for telling sister she accomplished “nothing” without parents

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