My Adventures with Superman returns in Season 2 and will blow people’s minds


  • season one of My adventures with Superman ended up with Clark doing what he does best and some great news for Jimmy Olsen.
  • The core relationship between Clark, Lois and Jimmy is at the heart of the show as they come together as a team.
  • Season 2 will likely make things a lot harder for the Man of Steel.

Warning! Below are SPOILERS for the Season 1 finale of My Adventures With Superman.

As expected, Thanksgiving was a complete disaster on the Kent farm. During the season one finale of My adventures with Supermantitled heart of the father, General Lane (Joel de la Fuente) arrived to celebrate the holidays with his daughter Lois (Alice Lee) and the Kent family. Unfortunately, Clark (Jack Quaid) opened the portal to the Kryptonian invaders when he accidentally triggered the File X Orb. But the conclusion of the first season is only the beginning. Co-producer Josephine Campbell said in an interview with the Superman homepage:

“Well, it’s not announced yet. And I can’t say anything until it’s announced. So I wanted to say that the season premiere is coming out. Stay tuned for Season 2. We have the wonderful task of being able to do both.” Around the same time, and I’m really looking forward to it. There’s so much stuff in season two that I think will blow people’s minds. So yes, just stay tuned and keep watching.”

Fans of the Superman mythology know for sure that Season 2 will see a much more powerful “General” join the party. The masked, armor-clad Kryptonian – and the leader of the alien armada – said a word that might mean nothing to the casual fan. However, in the rich history of the Man of Steel, when the word “kneel” is mentioned, only one man and only the image of a man are brought to mind.

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Clark saves the day and General Zod is revealed

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season one of My adventures with Superman For fans of the Adult Swim series, the book ended very well. Sure, Jonathan Kent (Reid Scott) could never have finished that turkey, but a little bit of Clark’s thermal vision made everything better. And while the armored Kryptonian who wants the earth to ‘kneel before him’ is obviously General Zod, the big reveal didn’t come until Jimmy Olsen (Ishmel Sahid) announced that he’d become a millionaire!

The fun at My adventures with Superman lies in the core relationship between the close-knit trio of Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen – which is undoubtedly at the heart of the show. As the season progresses, Lois finds out who Clark is superman. And it turns out Jimmy found out his friend’s secret years ago, during his and Clark’s freshman year.

However, Jimmy never said anything to Lois or Clark because he knew his mate would tell him when the time was right. Co-producer Josephine Campbell discussed early on the need to reveal Clark’s secret identity so the team could come together. Co-producer Campbell said in the same interview:

“Yeah, so that’s two choices. And one thing is, it was actually a plot point that we had during our pitch, and Brendan [Clougher] and Jake [Wyatt] I sort of made it up, which is that this show is called My Adventures With Superman, which is as much Lois and Jimmy as it is Superman.

So for us it was kind of important to get them together as a team and finally have them all on the same page, everyone to let in the secret. It was something that differed from a lot of Superman media.

Campbell also stated that the second season will consist of ten episodes. But otherwise the co-producer of My adventures with Superman didn’t reveal much about Clark, Lois and Jimmy’s future together. But this joke with General Zod means things are going to get a whole lot harder for the Man of Steel in the future.

At the end of the season one finale, Superman closed the portal and stopped the Kryptonian fleet from invading Earth. Lois managed to talk her father down and General Lane actually spared Clark’s life, but who knows what happens after Jimmy revealed he sold Flamebird for $5.6 million.

The possibilities are endless when season two finally comes to fruition and all 10 episodes of season one of My adventures with Superman are now available to stream on Max.

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