“My husband got mad at me because I asked my daughter to look after the baby and then he did the same thing.”

Mary* is angry with her husband Adrian*.

The mother of two was at home with her eight-year-old daughter and 10-month-old son when she asked the eldest to watch her brother while she cleaned up around the house.

“She is rarely asked to look after him as I feel he is my job, not hers,” Mary said.

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“My husband came home and saw her taking care of the baby and lashed out at me for being irresponsible, for accidents to happen easily, and for my daughter not knowing what to do if she choked.”

Mary said her husband’s fears were “founded” so she made the “necessary changes” to ensure she was with her son at all times.

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“I noticed he was watching TV alone.”

However, her husband’s hypocrisy came to light a week later when she asked him to watch her son while she baked a “big order.”

“I came back into the room and noticed he was watching TV alone,” she said.

“I asked him where the baby was and he replied that our daughter was watching him in her bedroom.

“Her bedroom is on the opposite side of the house, and with the TV blaring, you definitely couldn’t hear what was going on in her room.”

When Mary pointed out that he had been angry with her over a similar matter just a week before, he replied that it was “different” because this time her daughter “wants to take care of him.”

“I was so angry,” Mary said.

“I didn’t leave her alone for long periods of time, I was literally in and out of the room cleaning up, but that was ‘careless and dangerous’ because I was asking her to look after the baby.

“At the same time, it’s perfectly fine for her to be left alone (with him) because she asked to take care of him. So that would somehow mean she’s paying more attention to him?”

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“He is inconsistent when it benefits him”

Mary then said her husband was “mad at me now” and accused her of overreacting, but insisted she had a right to be angry about the double standards.

People were quick to support Mary on-lineShe said her husband clearly applies a double standard.

“If it’s not safe for him, it’s not safe whether your daughter wants to do it or not,” one person said. “He is absolutely wrong to be inconsistent when it benefits him.”

“If my husband wants to make excuses to justify his blatant double standards, he should probably get his head away from that asshole first so his hypocrisy can be heard more clearly,” another person said.

Another person said it was the perfect opportunity to call her husband’s bluff.

“If he wants to act like he’s the better parent, then let him do his best,” they wrote. “Leave him with the kids for a weekend, he’ll call you in the first hour because he can’t make it.”

“Better yet, take your daughter for a mother-daughter day and leave him with the little one so he has no choice but to look after him,” another person said.

*Names have been changed

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