“My husband is angry that I didn’t put his name on our child’s birthday card.”

We buy birthday presents for our kids, bake the cake and plan the party, and then write our partner’s name on the card as if it were all the two of us.

Well, enough was enough for a mother.

She went to a popular Forum to ask if she was wrong in omitting her husband’s name on her daughter’s birthday card this year.

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“He didn’t get a ticket for her himself”

She explained: “It was my daughter’s birthday and I wrote her this on her birthday card: ‘To my rainbow, happy fourth birthday. I love you to the moon, to the stars, to the sun, to the rain and back again. You make me so happy.’ ‘I love mom’.”

She then gave the card to her daughter and her partner was “angry” that she didn’t text either of them.

The OP went on to explain that earlier in the day she showed him the card and said, “Look how cute she is!”

He agreed the card was nice but didn’t say he should sign it either.

“I just wanted a card from me for her,” she continued.

“He knew there was a card, didn’t ask for it from either of us and didn’t get a card for her himself.”

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“We need to stop making excuses for these lazy husbands”

The mother’s contribution sparked many different opinions. Some agreed with the mother, while others said she was picky.

“Why don’t fathers make an effort to relate to their children and then expect the mother to pretend that the father cares about him? He can get his own card. You’re not the asshole,” reads most often.

Another person added: “He could have taken the initiative and spent five extra seconds writing his own name to show he cares. Or better yet, he could have bought her his own card that he thought she would like.”

“Personally, as a kid, I could always tell that it was just my mother signing something. And that my dad couldn’t be bothered to spend the extra five seconds writing his own name down to say he loves me. This is what we need as a society to stop making excuses for these lazy husbands not to take care of their own children.”

On the other hand, this person argued: “A four-year-old probably doesn’t have the reading comprehension to understand the card and who signed it. You make a passive-aggressive point at your partner and use your child as a pawn in your petty relationship drama.

“I’ve never heard of a child getting two cards, one from each parent. Seems strange,” another person concluded.

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