Fast X It may have divided critics with its ridiculous stunts and over-the-top, convoluted plot, but that hasn’t stopped it from playing through numerous projects over its opening weekend, proving that sometimes all it takes is a big, crazy blockbuster to get the box office going bring to.

The Fast and Furious The film’s road to theaters has been rocky, enduring numerous delays, a director change and some hasty complete rewriting of lyrics, but none of that matters now that the film has proved popular with audiences and secured the second-biggest opening weekend of the year has the year back The Super Mario Brothers Movie. That included a strong domestic grossing of $67.5 million, but also an even more impressive overseas grossing thanks to a big showing in the Chinese market, which has been lackluster for many Hollywood releases lately.

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The international opening raised just over $250 million, including over $50 million from China, which hasn’t happened in a while and certainly helped Fast X It shattered all expectations and immediately became one of the highest-grossing films of the year at $319 million worldwide.

It all seems to have come as a surprise to critics, who have noted the film’s lack of credibility and disappointing plot. At the end of the day, though, there’s a reason the people who watch these movies are doing exactly what the movie is about delivering…along with a big helping of Jason Momoa.

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Jason Momoa quickly saves X according to many reviews.

Even those who didn’t particularly like it Fast X In order to deliver a totally immersive experience, we can’t deny that the introduction of Jason Momoa’s villain Dante is worth the price of admission alone.

Momoa’s flamboyant villain, usually seen as the protagonist on screen, was a revelation to many and also helped boost the box office business of Fast Xhis return in fast 11 A repeat is almost guaranteed when the film finally comes out. Although until now it was believed that the eleventh film in the series would be the last chapter in the main part Fast sagaVin Diesel has all but confirmed that there will indeed be two more films.

Nothing further has been said about these potential films at this time, but there’s always a way to stretch out these stories. With audiences clearly on its side and a number of big names returning for the beginning of the end, it was perhaps inevitable that the franchise’s end would be a little longer in coming as the box office chimed in as best it could.

Even though the story of Vin Diesel’s “Dom” has come to an end, it certainly doesn’t mean the end of the franchise. Ideas for a number of spin-offs are already out there, and if the series’ popularity continues, who knows how many of those will appear in the not-too-distant future.

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