New Hunter Biden revelations prove red flag laws don’t work

Even if warning signs weren’t unconstitutional (which they are), they are never it was about your safety. It’s about your submission, Glenn Beck argued on the radio program. Think of it this way: if red flag laws became the law of the country, do you think President Joe Biden’s son Hunter would lose his guns or be charged with violating the gun laws we already have?

You may have heard that he once “lost” a gun in a dumpster at a school. But there is much more to it than that bizarre story. Newly revealed text from Hunter’s abandoned laptop details the strange drama that unfolded when Hallie Biden, Hunter’s sister-turned-lover, threw his handgun into a dumpster near a Delaware school in October 2018. The gun was found and turned in to police, but like so many of the Biden family scandals, the chaos created a sandstorm that conveniently helped cover Hunter’s tracks. Only tidbits of information have surfaced, the main one being that the gun in question was purchased by Hunter illegal and of course no charges were brought against it.

Glenn broke down the details of the most recently uncovered Hunter-Biden scandal and noted this in particular no Charges or arrests were therefore ever made.

“If you voted for Joe Biden and believe in all of these red flags, why isn’t Hunter Biden in jail today?” Glenn asked.

“You and I both know that the impact of Hunter Biden’s activities and his tragic saga goes well beyond Hunter Biden because they are teaching people a lesson. We are moving towards a society that has a ruling class that lives above its own decrees. They tell us they know better. They tell us that our neighbors and even some of us are dangerous while ignoring the dangers in their own lives or in their own families… We saw it during COVID-19 and we’ll see it again gun rules: ‘The rules are for you and not for me.’ That’s why the Americans can’t give a toll not an inch our freedom due to the good faith of the government. You no longer have good faith. They violated every single principle of liberty and they did it in a name they know better,” he said.

“Don’t be fooled,” Glenn added. “Just as we’ve seen during COVID-19, just as we’ve seen with the Patriot Act, which is now being horribly abused by those in power who have vowed never to abuse it, red flags are not about your safety. Point. It’s about your submission.”

Watch the video clip below to hear the conversation. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

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Laura Coffey

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