Outraged Transgender Activists Slam Biden Over Political Flip-Flop: ‘F*** Joe Biden!’

Transgender activists and their allies have been outraged after President Joe Biden announced a policy retreat regarding transgender athletes in schools.

The White House released a statement on Thursday saying schools should be allowed to ban students from participating in sports that are not designed for their sex of birth. The policy kept government opposition to transgender bans being passed by states across the country.

Biden managed to anger the right-wing opponents of transgender athletes in sports and also the transgender activists who accused him of treason.

“Biden just betrayed the trans community” answered Transgender activist Erin Reed.

“To be honest, I’m stunned” called Reed in more tweets. “It’s actually a roadmap for telling schools how to discriminate.”

“Honestly, this move by Biden to enforce a rule for trans kids in sports is not just backward treason, it’s forcing us to spend our time looking at goddamn sports instead of criminal bans on our healthcare.” He could have just done nothing. That legitimizes transphobia.” answered Transgender activist Alejandra Caraballo.

“This is worse than doing nothing, it wastes trans people’s already extremely limited time grappling with this bullshit. They help the anti-trans side and legitimize their transphobic arguments,” Caraballo said another tweet.

“Appalling failure and abandonment of Biden’s White House, which has hitherto paid lip service to trans people when it gives them good optics, but is now taking clear action siding with our oppressors by kicking trans children in the neck F* ** Joe Biden,” to read another tweet.

“Biden just told trans kids to fuck off. Just told trans adults to fuck you too. He sides with the States to criminalize our existence because he is an old white Catholic. Just surprised he bothered to do mentoring during trans week,” said another reviewer.

“Biden is worthless. He’s always been worthless.” another tweet.

Despite Biden’s change of policy position, the transgender movement recorded a victory on Thursday when the Supreme Court ruled against West Virginia to allow a transgender girl to play school sports while a court case proceeded.

Here’s more about Biden’s new trans policy:

The White House proposal would prevent schools and colleges from banning transgender athleteswww.youtube.com

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