Paramedics give birth to baby in Opelika GooGoo car wash – mother and son are doing great

OPELIKA, Ala. (WRBL) – An emergency in the parking lot of an Opelika car wash brings together two paramedics, a mother and a young son, in one gripping story GooGoo GaaGaa for.

Ashayla Frazier, a mother from East Alabama, went into labor two weeks before her April 8 due date.

“The contractions started and I was like, ‘Oh my God’, I know I’m not going to have this baby today!” I didn’t pack any bags, didn’t do any laundry. Nothing was right,” Frazier said.

The situation quickly escalated when her water broke while trying to drive herself to East Alabama Medical Center. Her family called 911.

That’s where two heroic paramedics, Walker Powell and Brandon Ard, rush to the scene to take Frazier to the hospital in an ambulance. With lights and sirens blaring, they were on their way to East Alabama Medical Center when Frazier announced the baby was coming.

“We start with the transportation, the lights and the sirens are rollin’ and we make it this far on this road and it says it’s here,” Powell said.

The ambulance driver pulled into the parking lot of the GooGoo Car Wash, where a beautiful baby boy named Kyzen was born in the back seat of an ambulance. The address of GooGoo Car Wash is listed as his place of birth.

“Mom handled it like a master. She knew exactly what to do, all we could do was catch,” Powell said.

The ambulance then took Kyzen and Frazier to the hospital, where they received further care.

From the unexpected place to the brave paramedics and strong mother, it’s a story of courage, resilience and the miracle of life. And let’s not forget the humor – as one of the paramedics said: “GooGoo GaaGaa – I mean GooGoo Car Wash!”

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