Pennsylvania man gets 3,000 years in prison for raping girl every day

A Pennsylvania man has been sentenced to 3,000 years in prison after being convicted of child sex crimes. The young victim said she was raped so regularly that it “has become as normal as brushing your teeth.”

Greensboro’s Matthew Perry was there in November sentenced of 13,143 offenses of sex crimes against children, including 2,190 offenses of rape of a child under the age of 13; 2,190 offenses for deviant sexual intercourse with a child; 2,191 charges of aggravated indecent assault; 2,190 offenses for incest of a minor; 2,191 charges of indecent assault; and 2,191 felonies for corruption of minors.

On Tuesday, Perry was sentenced to 3,000 years in prison and cannot be paroled until 3523.

The 44-year-old Pennsylvania man sexually abused the girl at least once a day for six years, according to authorities.

Greene County District Attorney David Russo said: WTAE TV“The child was raped over and over again. So why wouldn’t you pursue the one count every time the child was raped?”

“This brave little girl testified in court that being raped every day has become as normal as brushing your teeth,” Russo added. “The testimony was shocking.”

“I am proud to announce that Matthew Perry would need to live 3,000 years to repay his debt to society.” called Russo. “This is an unprecedented conviction and punishment and marks a milestone in the fight against sex offenders. I hope other prosecutors follow our example in our mission to protect children.”

“Today marks a milestone in the prosecution of sex offenders,” Russo added. “The victims in this case were very happy with the verdict and they believe that justice has been done. I am proud to be able to answer my community law enforcement cases that result in longer and more appropriate sentences for sex offenders.”

Perry was arrested on child sexual abuse charges while awaiting trial on charges of raping another girl. In June 2017, Perry allegedly fled after being accused of raping a girl, but was arrested in August 2021.

Law & Crime reported: “During his life as a refugee, his wife, Cheyenna Perry, 40, took videos and photos of a girl allegedly engaging in sexual activity and she sent this footage to her husband. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 3.5 to 7 years in prison in exchange for cooperating with authorities against her husband.”

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