Pokemon Violet: Where to catch Bagon

One of the nice things about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are that players can catch version-exclusive Pokémon. These Pokemon can include legendary Pokemon like Koraidon and Miraidon, as well as non-legendary Pokemon like Bagon. Bagon is a Dragon-type Rockhead Pokémon that can only be caught Pokemon Violet. And you can add this Pokemon to your PokeDex very early in the game.

How to catch Bagon in the early game

The early part of Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet it’s about getting along in school. However, you may also come across a number of Pokémon in the wild on your way downtown. One of these Pokemon is Bagon.

Spawn location of Pokemon Violet Bagon
Climb up this mountainous area to find small groups of Bagon roaming around in Pokemon Violet.
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Bagon can be found and captured by going to the northeast section of the bottom of the map, near area five of the southern province. Once here, climb up the nearby mountain area and look around for Bagon’s rocky head. if you play along Pokemon Scarletyou can find other Pokemon in this area.

As always, if you can’t find the Pokemon you’re looking for in the area, you can always leave and then come back. Each time you retreat far enough for the game to stop rendering Pokémon, new ones will be rendered, allowing you to find the Pokémon you’re looking for even if it wasn’t there the first time. And because Pokemon Scarlet and Violet already have such high spawn rates, you’ll find plenty of wild Pokemon exploring the world anyway.

Bagon is one of many new Pokémon making an appearance Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This little fella will evolve into two more forms, a tank-like turtle named Shelgon at level 30, and then the semi-legendary Salamence at level 50. If you catch this Pokemon early, make sure you have a Dragon-type Pokemon when you Doing it you’ll come across a Pokemon that’s weak against that type.

Of course, you’ll also want to make sure you’re prepared for your latest Pokémon adventure by checking out all of the Legendary Pokémon in it scarlet and violet. And since the games just came out, our list may be updated in the coming days.

While this isn’t the only place you’ll see Bagon wandering around, it’s one of the easiest to get to. You can technically tackle it in the very early moments of the game, right after you leave home to travel to the Academy.

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