Police say parents tagged the 14-year-old with a T-shirt with a “disturbing” message before he went missing for more than a week

A teenager has been missing for more than a week since his parents took a picture of him chastised with a “disturbing” message described from the police.

14-year-old Scottie Dean Morris went missing after leaving his home in the east-central Indiana town of Eaton around 8:30 p.m. Thursday.

In its first public statement about Morris, the Eaton, Indiana Police Department shared a photo of the boy with a recently shaved head and wearing a T-shirt that read “I’m a liar,” “I hurt my brother,” among other phrases, meant to humiliate him.

They later deleted the image and replaced it with a cropped image.

police too confirmed that the parents had forced the teenager to wear the shirt as a form of punishment, but they clarified that he allegedly chose to have his head shaved.

“They went to Great Clips and he told them that’s what he wanted,” Eaton Police Chief Jay Turner said. “But the shirt – it was kind of unorthodox. It was unsettling. And we are investigating that.”

Internet speculation has been rampant since the kit details were released.

Turner made it clear to the public that Felicia Morris, his mother, had been very cooperative with the investigation and had her publicly appeal to Morris through the news media.

“Scott, I love you and I want you to come home,” she said through tears. “And I know you’re angry and confused. I’m afraid you’re afraid of all this. Everyone is looking for you and we’re not trying to scare you.”

Dozens of volunteers have joined the search for the teenager.

“We’re a small department,” Turner added. “We have four regular officers and 18 reservists. Our reservists and our regular soldiers volunteered to come in and do these searches.

Police said he may be in “extreme danger” and need medical attention.

Here is the statement of the missing boy’s mother:

Missing teenager Scottie Morris’ mother is pleading for his returnwww.youtube.com

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