Poll: Several Hispanic voters support Republican governors sending illegal immigrants to liberal states and cities

A recently Morning Consult/Politico National Tracking Survey pointed out that a sizable percentage of ethnic Hispanic American voters believe Republican governors’ relocation of illegal aliens to Democrat-controlled cities is appropriate. This could prove to be another sign that a significant voting bloc is being held by CNN senior political analyst John Avlon recommended taken for granted is becoming increasingly alienated from Democrat politics.

One of the questions asked in the poll released Tuesday was, “Would you think it would be good for Republican governors to send migrants to liberal US states and cities?” [appropriate / inappropriate / don’t know / no opinion]?”

41% of Hispanic respondents thought it was appropriate and 35% said it was inappropriate. Another 25% said they were either unsure or had no opinion.

The six-point rate of change between Hispanics in favor and those against was more pronounced than in the broadest category of registered voters, where 42% were in favor and 41% were against.

Pollsters asked the question again, but framed it morally. 33% of Hispanics thought it was moral, while 39% said it was immoral.

Republican Governors Ron DeSantis of Florida, Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona have flown thousands of illegal aliens on buses and planes to safe havens and Democratic locations including Washington, DC, New York City, Chicago and Martha’s Vineyard.

Regarding the initiative, DeSantis communications director Taryn Fenske told Fox News Digital that “states like Massachusetts, New York and California will better facilitate the mentoring of these individuals who have invited them to our country by empowering them through their Designation as a ‘sanctuary’ incentivizes illegal immigration by states and supports the Biden administration’s open border policy.”

Abbott has also sought to confront liberal states and cities about the consequences of the policies they championed. “The Biden-Harris administration continues to ignore and deny the historic crisis on our southern border that has endangered and overwhelmed Texas communities for nearly two years,” he said Sept. 15.

He said his decision to send illegals to the Chicago Sanctuary City “to continue to provide much-needed assistance to our small, overrun border towns, Chicago will join other sanctuary cities… as an additional drop-off point.”

US Customs and Border Protection have met over 2,150,639 southern border illegals so far this year who have flooded into the US border regions, straining resources and depressing wages.

Hispanic voters and Democratic immigration policies

Recent trends have pointed to attitudes in the Hispanic community that may reduce surprise that large numbers of Hispanics would agree that relocating illegal immigrants is appropriate.

A Survey commissioned by Texas Latino Conservatives and released on August 11, 2022, revealed that 61% of Hispanics were troubled by the current direction of the Democratic Party. 28% of non-Republicans shared these problems.

57% of respondents said they prefer stricter border security measures “to prevent illegal migrants from crossing”. 27% said they would prefer to allow more illegals into the US to seek asylum.

Despite reportedly winning 65% of the Hispanic vote in 2020, Biden’s community approval rating now stands at 51%.

alienation and displacement

In 2020 there was clear shift of Hispanic voters versus the Republican Party, and a 30% increase in Hispanic turnout (i.e., as of 2016).

At the last presidential election, former President Donald Trump won 46% of the Hispanic vote in Florida and 41% in Texas. Nationally, he won 32% of the Hispanic vote, up four points from his election in 2016.

CNN reported Earlier this year, there were 16 counties in Texas where the vast majority of voters are Hispanic. In the county with the highest proportion of Hispanics, Biden won by 5 points. In 2016, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gained 60 points. This is a 55 point slide.

It’s not just about Democrats doing worse among Hispanics. Republicans are better off.

Republican Congresswoman Mayra Flores (Texas) flipped a historically Democrat-held and heavily Hispanic region in June. After an eight-point win she noticed“We’ve been taken for granted for over 100 years… I’ll show you what real representation looks like.”

Cassy Garcia, formerly Deputy Secretary of State to US Senator Ted Cruz, is currently running for Congress. she recently to Fox News Digital that “Democrats are scared right now.”

Garcia noted that she spoke to Democrats who told her they were leaving the Democratic Party and voting for Republicans because they shared their values.

It’s not just former supporters’ votes that Democrats could lose. 52% of Hispanic voters identified as independents in 2021.

This summer, expert Van Jones highlighted the change and the potential: “Democrats don’t see this coming, we overreact to the cultural movements, underreact to the economic appeal and you see a payoff for MAGA.”

It is worth noting that the Hispanic voting bloc is hardly ideologically or ethnically unified.

According to a recent Axios Ipsos Survey, 58.2% of Cubans believe that securing US borders and helping citizens is more important than “helping immigrants escape poverty…in their home countries. of them prioritize the latter.

https://www.theblaze.com/news/poll-plurality-of-hispanic-voters-support-republican-governors-sending-illegals-to-liberal-states-and-cities Poll: Several Hispanic voters support Republican governors sending illegal immigrants to liberal states and cities

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