Pregnant mum faces internet accusation of being disabled after ‘praying for a healthy baby’

Influencer Kim Perry is no stranger to pregnancy; As a mother of three, she will soon welcome her fourth child.

She has a following of 124,000 followers who tune in regularly to follow her fitness routines and daily activities and is raising three daughters under the age of seven.

But when she posted a light-hearted video on her channel, she didn’t expect the reaction she would get.

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Comedian hits back after influencer mum slammed for praying for'healthy baby'

Influencer is said to be “praying for a healthy baby” to be targeted

The short video has since been deleted from TikTok but remains active Instagram. In the clip, the American influencer stood in her kitchen and covered her eyes with her hands.

“I ignore anyone who says, ‘Better be a boy this time’ and just pray for a healthy baby,” the caption read.

The clip went viral and accompanying comments soon followed, with the majority of viewers getting angry at a specific part of the clip – “praying for a healthy baby”.

Some were angry that Kim would pray for such things, implying that she didn’t want a baby with disabilities or that babies who weren’t “healthy” didn’t deserve the same love.

“What does ‘healthy’ mean?” interrogated a distraught parent. “If it’s not ‘healthy’, won’t your prayers be answered?”

“The mother of a sick child is here to say that these babies are equal parts precious and adorable,” added another.

When Kim responded to the comment, “Sending you so much love,” she got upset again.

“I’m not sure what you mean by sending her love when you’ve just insulted her child for not being healthy,” the comment read.

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“You can’t say anything on the internet without someone putting the words in your mouth”

Before the clip was deleted, a Texas-based comedian, Kev On Stage, hit back at the overbearing comments and shut them down one by one.

“There’s nothing you can say on the internet that someone can’t downvote,” he began.

“And there’s nothing you can say on the internet that someone can’t put in your mouth and say something you haven’t said.”

The comedian stressed the influencer didn’t say “that unhealthy children aren’t worth loving,” but that she was praying for a healthy baby.

“So you can no longer pray for a healthy baby, you can’t even wish for health?” he asked his audience.

“We don’t need the internet; We definitely don’t need any comments,” he continued. “Because people will say you said something.”

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“The internet is a wild place”

The comedian’s video subsequently went viral, racking up over 1.4 million views in just over a day.

The majority of comments were supportive of the mother-of-three, emphasizing the ridiculousness of her remarks.

“It’s like someone who’s engaged says, ‘I pray the marriage is happy and forever,’ and someone says, ‘I got divorced so no,'” someone wrote. “‘I love my dog!’ “So you’re saying non-dog animals are terrible?” added another.

Other moms added their mustard.

“I’m a high-risk pregnancy and all I’ve ever wanted was a healthy baby and so far he has,” one woman wrote. “As a mother in the NICU, I wish all babies health,” said another.

“As a mom who wanted a girl and got a boy that ended up in intensive care … when I got pregnant the second time, I literally just wanted a healthy baby!” One mom chimed in.

But some understood where the others came from.

“As someone who had a stillborn son, I figured healthy meant alive!” read one comment. “So I thought about how well I understand the desperate prayers.”

“The desire for a happy, healthy child isn’t dispensable?” argued one woman, who stated that she was disabled. “Damn, healthy doesn’t just mean ‘physically healthy,’ it can also just mean she wants the kid alive and well and doesn’t care about gender.”

Some were just confused. “I thought that’s what we all say about a pregnant mama!” one person commented. “But isn’t that what we hope and pray for?”

“It’s time to unsubscribe,” one put it. “The internet is a wild place,” laughed another.

Since the video was released, the mother has been inundated with comments wishing nothing but good health for her baby.

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