Prince Albert of Monaco’s son Alexandre Grimaldi wonders if he will have any say in the country’s future

Prince Albert II of Monaco’s son Alexandre Grimaldi shared his thoughts on whether he will play a role in the country’s future.

Grimaldi, the son of Albert Grimaldi, 65, and Nicole Coste, 51, opened up about his relationship with his “kind” parents and his future plans in a rare interview with French magazine Point de Vue next week ahead of his 20th birthday next week. The student, who is studying business administration at a UK university, told the outlet that he is currently focusing on his education.

“The commitment that has priority in my life today is to finish my university studies,” Grimaldi said.

Prince Albert of Monaco, his son Alexandre Grimaldi

Prince Albert II of Monaco’s son Alexandre Grimaldi opened up about whether he will play a role in the country’s future. (Getty)

He explained that he believes he’s “at the age where you make decisions. These can be good or bad depending on your background and the people around you. I think I’m definitely a reasonable person.”


Asked what role he would play in terms of Monaco’s future, Grimaldi said: “I’m only 20 years old. Let me get a diploma and we’ll talk about it.”

He continued: “All of my older brothers’ friends whose parents are entrepreneurs work with their fathers or with their families and are very happy about it. So I have no qualms about it. I’m studying business administration and management, as I said before, a very exciting industry that offers interesting opportunities for you.”

Albert met Coste, who hails from the African country of Togo, when she was working as a flight attendant. Coste gave birth to Grimaldi in August 2003 and Albert officially acknowledged him as his son in July 2005, shortly before he was married to Prince Rainier III following the death of his father. ascended the throne.

Nicole Coste Prince Albert of Monaco

Grimaldi is the son of the reigning ruler and Nicole Coste. ((Photo by Foc Kan/FilmMagic))

Prior to the acknowledgment of Grimaldi’s paternity and thereafter, Albert provided for his son financially and was consistently involved in his upbringing. Coste told Point de Vue that she didn’t raise her son “alone” as he grew up with his father and his two half-brothers from their previous marriage.

However, Coste stated that it was important to her to keep Alexandre out of the public eye and media scrutiny.

“I had a peaceful childhood,” Grimaldi said. “It was important to my mother. We have traveled a lot. My father is just as important to me as my mother. Both are kind parents.”


During the interview, Grimaldi explained his decision to use his father’s surname, which he began using in 2022 at Albert’s suggestion. Previously, Grimaldi was mentioned in the media by his mother’s surname or with the hyphen “Grimaldi-Coste”.

“My father’s name is Grimaldi. It makes sense that I bear his name. I would have named Dochomel if my father had been Mr. Dochomel!” he said. “Furthermore, I never called myself Coste or Coste-Grimaldi. No ID, neither at school nor on my diplomas. Whoever calls me that has a malicious attitude.”

Alexandre Grimaldi

Grimaldi told French magazine Point de Vue that he is currently concentrating on his studies. (Foc Kan/FilmMagic)

He continued, “My mother is naturally affectionate and allows many things because she was always advised to put history behind her. I’m going to be more procedural because I was born in France but grew up in an Anglo-Saxon country. I will attack if necessary.”

“I’m also not ‘illegitimate’ since I was born, neither of my parents were in another marriage and they didn’t commit adultery,” Grimaldi added. “Using that word is offensive! I hope nobody believes the lies spread on the internet. One bears the name of one’s father if one has been recognized from birth. I had voluntary approval from my father when I was a baby. Not by a judge or the press who forced him to do it.

“My mother, whom I adore, is my rock and she is not at all jealous of my choice,” Grimaldi observed. “If she never said anything about my last name, it was only to protect our privacy. I was two years old when I was revealed to the press.”

“One thing is for sure: Today I am a happy man who is open and honest with you,” he concluded.

Jazmin Grimaldi Prince Albert of Monaco

Grimaldi also has a half-sister, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, 31, the daughter of Albert from his relationship with California native Tamara Rotolo. ((Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage))

Despite being the acknowledged son of a ruler, Grimaldo told Point de Vue that he didn’t feel his friends ever treated him any differently.

“I’ve had some pretty lucky times, to be honest, and I’ve never felt like the way others, especially my friends, are changing their views of me and who I am,” he said. “But maybe I’m too young to see that. I value my friends very much and I hope they never let me down.”

Prince Albert of Monaco is a “warm and welcoming” royal whose focus is on charity, not the tabloid: PAL

Grimaldi also has a half-sister, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, 31, the daughter of Albert from his relationship with California native Tamara Rotolo and named after her paternal grandmother, Grace Kelly. After the birth, Rotolo decided to raise her daughter away from the European tabloids in California. The Reigning Prince first met Jazmin when she was 11, during her first trip to Monaco.

“I wanted to take this moment to connect with my dad, get to know him, and let him get to know me,” Jazmin told Harper’s Bazaar in 2015. “Not having this character with me made me miss that. It’s wonderful that it’s like that. It happened when it happened and we’ve had a great relationship ever since.”

Grimaldi and Jazmin are not in line for the throne as Monegasque law requires that an heir’s parents have married. However, they are both entitled to a portion of their father’s estate.

Prince Albert II of Monaco, Prince Jacques of Monaco, Princess Gabriella of Monaco and Princess Charlene of Monaco attend the Fete de la Saint Jean

Albert and his wife Charlene share eight-year-old twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, who are next in line to the throne. (PLS Pool/Getty Images)

In 2011, Albert married former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock. The couple share eight-year-old twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, who are next in line to inherit the throne.

Both Grimaldi and Jazmin travel to Monaco frequently to visit their father and other family members, and have attended public events.

In September 2021, a source told People Magazine that it was Charlene who encouraged Albert to link up with Grimaldi and Jazmin. The insider dismissed rumors that the princess wasn’t supportive of Albert’s relationship with his older children.


“Charlene was really the one trying to get the whole family together,” the source claimed.

Grimaldi told Point de Vue that he and Jazmin have a close relationship. “She’s my big sister and I love her like I love my two big brothers on my mother’s side,” he said. “We all get along very well and Jazmin is also very close to one of my two brothers who shares her birthday with. We have a good relationship even though we live in far away countries.”

Nicole Coste Alexandre Grimaldi

Grimaldi maintains a close relationship with both of his parents and describes his mother as his “rock”. (Foc Kan/FilmMagic)

When asked what he shares with his younger half-siblings Jacques and Gabriella, Grimaldi replied with a smile: “Not a toy, that’s for sure given our age difference.”

“I share the tenderness with everyone,” he added.

Grimaldi, who attended several events during Paris Fashion Week and had received offers as a model in the past, also commented on whether he would consider a catwalk career.

“I thought about it as a teenager,” he admitted. “I enjoyed the idea of ​​being photographed in beautiful clothes and looking elegant. But COVID happened and I ended up losing interest.”


He continued, “I was a minor too. My father is a prince and head of state – I personally can’t imagine marching on a podium.”

“On the other hand, if a prestigious brand asks me to be their ambassador and their image suits me, why not?” he added.

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