Professor out of classroom after allegedly forcing Christian students to fund Planned Parenthood

EXCLUSIVE – A Christian student who sued his economics professor for forcing her class to fund a facility that raised funds for Planned Parenthood and other progressive political causes said his Christian faith led him to fight back.

“My money is in the hands of Planned Parenthood,” said Nathan Barbieri, a sophomore in finance at Michigan State University’s College of Business. He told Fox News Digital in an interview that he was “very upset” about it.

“For me as a Christian, this is our calling. We’re meant to expose the bad things that are happening, not just sit back and… be called names. That’s our job,” he said.

Barbieri is one of two students suing his former business marketing professor, Amy Wisner, who describes herself as an “intersectional feminist.” The university told Fox News Digital that Wisner is no longer employed at the facility. Her Instagram also reflected that she is a “former professor of business communications.”

The lawsuit was filed Thursday by the Alliance Defending Freedom, a rights group that defends religious freedom and First Amendment rights.

School board settles religious discrimination lawsuit against Christian university after denigrating ‘Jesus’ values

Nathan Barbieri, Michigan State University professor, Amy Wisner, lawsuit against Christian Planned Parenthood

Nathan Barbieri speaks to Fox News Digital about the lawsuit against his former professor for allegedly violating his First Amendment rights. (Fox News Digital)

According to the lawsuit, the “far left” professor forced each of her 600 students to pay $99 for membership, which would have added up to a maximum of $59,400 for an organization called The Rebellion Community.”


Wisner said, “The Rebellion community is a safe place to coordinate our efforts to burn everything down,” the lawsuit reads. A post on Wisner’s Facebook page said, “100% of membership dues will be donated to Planned Parenthood.” Other causes it supported included “dismantling oppressive systems.”

The university said its business school personally reimbursed students for their contributions to the “Rebellion Community,” but Barbieri said that wasn’t enough.

Michigan State University professor Amy Wisner is suing Christian Planned Parenthood

“Intersectional feminist” Amy Wisner used to teach economics at Michigan State. (Fox News Digital)

“I funded that. And until the money comes back, until it’s gone.” [the professor’s] “If someone falls into their hands, they’re still with Planned Parenthood, or they’re still going towards an unethical organization,” he said.

The lawsuit aims to bring about a policy change at the university.

said Tyson Langhofer, senior counsel of the ADF, “What we’re basically asking for is that all the money that she received is returned to the students and then we make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. Nathan has two more years at school. He doesn’t want professors to be able to do that.” So we’re asking the court to order the university not to allow this in the future.”

“I remain true to my Christian faith,” said Barbieri. “[My faith] I really pushed myself to go out there and do something about it because I knew if I wasn’t doing it, you know, and if nobody else was doing it, which prevents this kind of thing from ever happening again?”

The second student who sued the professor shared Barbieri’s concerns. “I shouldn’t have to pay for my professor’s political activism… This is a matter of free speech and I hope the university changes its policy so other students never have to pay expensive fees for causes they don’t believe in.” , Nolan Radomski told Fox News.

In addition, the “rebellion community” is controlled by the professor herself, which raises additional ethical concerns, the lawsuit says.

“I’ve seen a lot of bad deeds in my lawsuit, but this is definitely one of the best because she put 600 students at her mercy and abused that power,” the ADF attorney said.

Lawsuit against Michigan State University professors over Planned Parenthood

Nathan Barbieri, a former Michigan State University professor (left) and one of the students behind the lawsuit. (Instagram/Screenshot | Fox News Digital)

“It wasn’t just wrong what she did. I mean… you shouldn’t accept money from your students for political activities, certainly not by force, because without that you can’t pass the course. But it will definitely be found out by watching Planned Parenthood.” “And organizations like this are totally at odds with my religious and political beliefs,” Barbieri said.

The ADF attorney stated that “professors cannot force students to fund political organizations as a requirement for an academic course.”

“What Professor Wisner did here was completely extraordinary. She basically made up a requirement and put it in the curriculum to join this site that had nothing to do with the course and she could have used the free platform the university provides that every other professor uses. , said the ADF lawyer. “And then she did it just to fund her own political activism. And so not only did she use that as her own ideological mechanism to force the students to listen to her activism, but she then forced them to fund their external activism.” And I think that’s a problem. And public universities just can’t allow that.”


Wisner did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

MSU said, “The university is not commenting on pending litigation.”

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