Publix introduces new Italian-inspired bread for pub subs

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — If you’re ready to change up your Pub Sub order, Publix recently launched a new bread.

The Italian-inspired Tutto Pugliese made its debut in Publix bakeries on Thursday.

Publix said its bakers have been trained for months to make the bread, which is made daily and sold in paper bags.

The dough takes almost three hours to prepare and is placed in a refrigerator to chill overnight.

“In the morning it’s proofed to size, then it goes in the oven and spreads its delicious, warm scent throughout the store. The end result is a soft bread with a creamy, nutty flavor and a crunchy crust,” Publix said.

Every day there is a fresh portion of bread. According to Publix, cheese medley flavors will also be available daily.

Shoppers wanting to try the bread at a pub sub can ask a deli about it.

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