Puppy Masters New Skills and Impresses the Internet: ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’

A social media video showing a puppy learning a new skill has completely wowed viewers.

The viral video, originally posted on October 29, shows a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy standing at the top of the stairs with a dog bowl in its mouth.

Although it’s unclear if this puppy intended this, he begins sliding down the stairs with the bowl. He made it look like he was gliding on a skateboard. Did he just invent “skate bowling”?

His front paws held the bowl while his hind paws pushed him forward. And he totally nailed the landing.

A dog slides down the stairs with the help of the dog bowl.

If this puppy was scared, no one noticed. Well, until the bowl startled him at the end of the video. But who can blame him? The bowl clanged loudly on every step.

Aside from the bowl, it’s safe to say this pup wasn’t scared, which isn’t too surprising given the characteristics Staffordshire bull terrier. These determined dogs are very brave, playful and smart, which is clearly shown in this video.

The dog was smart enough to realize that there was a quicker way to go down the stairs, thus developing a new skill that probably no other dog had tried before. This is impressive!

The owner is laughing now, but soon this Staffie will find out that constantly moving his bowl loudly could get him an early dinner.

What viewers say

There’s no doubt that every single person who saw this TikTok clip had a laugh. Whether the little Staffie was destined to slide down the stairs or not, the pup went completely with the flow and caught the attention of over 2.4 million people. The video has over 185,900 comments and 1,472 comments.

“He thinks I didn’t mean it, but I’m going along anyway,” one viewer wrote. He played it totally cool. Even though the bowl might have scared him in the end!

Another TikTok user @knolden08 commented, “Work smarter, not harder.” Why waste all his puppy energy walking down the stairs when he can rely on a new mode of transportation?

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Staffordshire bull terrier puppy
A stock image of a young puppy. A Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy went viral for hilariously sliding down the stairs.
Cindy Shebley/Getty Images