Putin heading for ‘devastating’ defeat in Ukraine war: expert

According to an expert on economic policy in Eastern Europe, the war in Ukraine is likely to be headed for a “devastating defeat for Russia”.

In an op-ed published in Foreign Affairs on Thursday, Swedish economist Anders Aslund, who has worked in the past as an economic adviser to both the governments of Russia and Ukraine, predicted that Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to face “one of the most spectacular failures in of Contemporary History” while his troops continue to fight to bring him a military victory after three months of battle.

Defeating Putin Expert Russia
Aslund predicts that Russian President Vladimir Putin is facing “one of the most spectacular failures in contemporary history”. Utin attends a meeting with members of the Russian Economic Congress Delovaya Rossiya at the Kremlin in Moscow on February 3, 2022.
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Aslund said Russian troops failed to capture the capital Kyiv and “fought to make headway in eastern Ukraine”.

“In contrast, Ukraine’s military has exceeded all expectations,” he said.

The resistance of the Ukrainian people has dealt an unexpected blow to Putin, prolonging the war far beyond what the Kremlin was prepared for when the February 24 invasion was ordered.

Today, Russia faces not only a humiliating defeat, but also a horrific economic collapse for which Putin bears full responsibility.

Swedish economist Anders Aslund

As the war enters its fourth month, the determination of the Ukrainian people, combined with military aid from their Western allies, portends an unfavorable ending for Putin, whose own forces have begun to seek ways to crack down on their leader and Ukraine to leave.

On Thursday, Aslund warned that the end of the war for Putin will be not only a military failure but also an economic defeat – a defeat the country has never seen before and which will resonate around the world.

“Today, Russia faces not only a humiliating defeat, but also a horrific economic collapse for which Putin bears full responsibility,” Aslund wrote.

Citing the heavy Western sanctions that were quickly imposed on Russia in response to the war, Aslund said that “in a single day, Putin undid most of the economic gains Russia had made since 1991.”

The economist warned that the harshness of Russia’s economy has brought the country’s elite to the brink of collapse, and suggested Putin could be ousted by those who were once part of the president’s inner circle – if public outrage wasn’t first overthrows his government.

“In August 1998, after six days of a far less severe financial crisis, Russian President Boris Yeltsin sacked his government. ‘ Aslund wrote. “Needless to say, there appears to be fear among Russia’s ruling elite.”

This would not be the first time Moscow has embarked on an ambitious military adventure in search of additional territory, only to find itself defeated and humiliated.

Swedish economist Anders Aslund

“Social unrest has not been widespread in recent years, but it does occur, and the magnitude of the expected decline in production and living standards has not been captured since the early 1990s,” he added. “A natural popular response would be widespread social unrest, which would increase tensions between the security services.”

“Whatever the outcome, the West must start planning for the collapse as well as the strengthening of the Putin regime,” Aslund concluded, noting: “This would not be the first time that Moscow has sought an ambitious military adventure launches for additional territory, only to find himself outdone and humbled.”

news week has asked the Russian Foreign Ministry for an opinion.

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