Randall Emmett breaks silence on documentary Randall Scandal

Randall Emmett breaks his silence on the upcoming Hulu documentary about the workplace allegations against him

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Randall Emmett spoke out against the upcoming Hulu documentary The Randall Scandal: Love, Loathing and Vanderpumpin which several allegations against the film producer are investigated.

“Almost a year ago Los Angeles Times wrote a highly biased and factually inaccurate hit article about me,” he said Midnight in Switchgrass The 52-year-old producer said in a statement page six on Tuesday 16 May. “One of the authors Amy KaufmanShe seemed to have a personal vendetta against me, I believe because of her alleged friendship with my ex Lala Kent.”

The statement continued: “The article contained, among other things, fabricated and grossly exaggerated stories made up by some disgruntled and fired ex-employees.” Lala was also involved in this fiasco, probably because I was around 50/50- fought equal custody of our child.” Emmett shares their two-year-old daughter, Ocean Vanderpump Rules Star, 32, and daughters London, 13, and Rylee, 9, with ex-wife Ambyr Childers.

In June 2022 an exposé of the LA Times accused Emmett of professional misconduct in a series of allegations. According to the outlet, a woman has accused the co-founder of Emmett/Furla Oasis Films of sexual misconduct, and some of Emmett’s former personal assistants have claimed their former boss made them do personal business for him.

In the article, Kent claimed that her ex – who she dated from 2016 to 2021 – knew about it Bruce WillisHe was struggling with health before his family publicly announced his aphasia diagnosis in March 2022, but continued to work with him. According to the Bravo personality, Emmett told her that Die Hard The 68-year-old star was already unaware of his surroundings as of November 2020 but has continued to collaborate with him on several subsequent films. The Irishman The producer, for his part, denied the allegations.

The documentary, which premieres Monday, May 22, features interviews with Kent’s family and Emmett’s former associates. meeting reported Monday that the Hulu special had “special access” to interview footage of the Give Them Lala founder opening up about her tumultuous relationship with Emmett and how she became aware of the allegations being leveled at her ex-fiancé.

For his part, Emmett shared why he wasn’t involved with the project page six on Tuesday.

“I declined to participate because I realized very quickly that the film would be just as biased, if not more so, than the article it was based on,” he said at the time. “As far as I know, numerous people were approached to be part of this documentary and most declined.”

Emmett also claimed that “people were encouraged to speak negatively about themselves,” while the “vast majority only had positive things to say.”

Us weekly asked both Kent and Emmett for comment.

The Randall Scandal: Love, Loathing and Vanderpump will premiere on Hulu on Monday, May 22nd.

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