Raquel Leviss has met Tom Sandoval’s family “more than once”.

They got brave. More and more information about the illegal affair between them is coming to light Rachel Leviss And Tom Sandoval. And it seems the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner tried to legitimize his date with Raquel by taking her to his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, to meet his family. In addition, the couple made the trip more than once.

Ariana Madix had the opportunity to contribute at the Vanderpump Rules reunion. What she presented in the first part was absolute dynamite. After filming the reunion, Ariana made a comeback appearance on Watch What Happens Live and also participated in the interview sessions.

Most recently, Ariana appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast to reveal new tidbits. Because there is still so much to come.

Raquel was banished to a hotel room

In fact, it wasn’t until “within the last month” that Ariana found out that Sandoval was taking his sweetheart to meet the family. To make matters worse, it happened “more than once.”

Sandoval’s family may have known about Raquel, but they hardly supported her. As indicated by the sleeping accommodation provided.

“It’s hard to say exactly what they knew or when they knew it,” Ariana explained. “I think at some point they knew, but they definitely didn’t condone it [the relationship] And [Sandoval] was asked [Leviss] up in a hotel.”

Perhaps the pair felt they might fly under the radar while out of state. But Raquel and Sandoval could not avoid discovery. Ariana pointed out that there were rumors about it on the internet. “So at some point someone definitely saw something,” Ariana said.

During that interview, the Something About Her co-owner made the shocking admission that Sandoval was intimate with Raquel while she slept in her bed.

“They had sex in my guest room while I slept in my own bed which he and I went to sleep in together and then he got off the bed and went into the guest room and fucked her,” Ariana revealed. That’s brave. Although shameless is a better word. More negative connotations with that.

But Ariana has put all that toxicity behind her. Her sandwich shop is slated to open soon and she has been cast in a Lifetime movie. Personally, Ariana has been dating New York fitness trailer Daniel Wai. They recently spent an exciting few days in the Big Apple and shared pictures on social media.

Meanwhile, the impaling of Sandoval continues in the second installment of the Vanderpump Rules reunion. Catch it on Bravo May 31, 9/8c.

Tell us – how do you react to Raquel meeting Sandoval’s family more than once? What do you think of her staying in a hotel room?

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