Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap Season 14 Episode 4

I like to think that RHOA The gods have given us a gift just in time for this week’s episode. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this clip from Kandi’s chitlin circuit musical motherly love go viral like that BBL ritual song. Raise your hand if “LEGS AND HIPS AND BODY BODY BODY” keeps playing on a loop in your head. As always, the internet has divine timing as the ladies and their men travel to New York City tonight to see Kandi’s musical.

First and foremost, I want to use this time to admit that I initially wrote off thoughts of a colored person as another random project by Kandi Burruss. Not to knock Kandi, because I know OLG and their line of sex toys are successful companies, but at times she reminds me of my Sims who have fulfilled their original ambitions and are now making random ones for fun. I finally googled the production and it turned out to be the first Broadway play written and directed by black people and starring a black man. It explores Blackness in America through the story of seven men who all live in the same borough of Brooklyn. Kudos to Kandi for helping bring this project to the stage! And since thoughts of a colored person is about the experience of black men in America, it makes sense that the men should be part of the journey. I love seeing the performers out of their own context and interacting with each other as a group.

Kandi, who never misses a promotional moment, uses the trip as an opportunity to market her bedroom Kandi sex toys. Look, I tried lobbying for Kandi last week, but I was a little taken aback by the invitations for the trip, which were delivered by a half-naked couple handing out “mandatory” vibrating panties. I don’t usually agree with Kenya, but a play bill would have been more appropriate. I hate that it adds fuel to the fire when it comes to painting Kandi as a freak, Marlo goes as far as saying she needs therapy (I don’t think Kandi intended the women to be walking around town and vibrate in sync with each other ), but I appreciate that she leans into the stereotype. Personally, I’d like approval before a man and woman in leather bondage show up at my door with sex toys, but that doesn’t mean I live in Atlanta.

The journey begins smoothly as the couples trade crazy sex stories for a chance at the best room. We learn that Sanya and Ross are part of the Mile High club and Drew and Ralph (gag) had sex with whales in the sea. Kenya gives us a slightly disturbing tale of coyote blood stains and cave intercourse that wins the space and successfully drives us all insane.

The group then gets ready to visit Todd’s condo in New Jersey. I feel like this condo storyline is being foisted on us. Maybe because I don’t know how it feels to have rich people’s problems (somebody please hire me) but like, just keep it or sell it, who cares. The condo appears to be more of a vehicle to expose the cracks in Kandi and Todd’s relationship. Now that the couple has been together for eight years, we’re starting to see how their dynamic can cause tension. Ever since Todd started dating Kandi, there have been discussions about where he fits in in terms of her success and wealth. Again, Todd’s ego and candy’s pockets as a black woman struggling to keep up with soaring food and rent prices are not an intriguing story in my book.

What is a fascinating story is Shereé and Drew’s assistant. Finally, Sanaya said what we all think: “If you have an assistant who’s messy with one of your friends, that could mean you’re just as messy.” Instead of interrupting him, Drew put assistant Anthony on “probation” after he found out last week that he had told Shereé that Ralph was gay. Which brings me to another bone I have to break with the Atlanta ladies on sexuality: Enough is enough when it comes to homophobia. While the cast have always spoken out about the influence “gay guys” are having on the show, that doesn’t stop the accusations and homophobic remarks from flying. Friends like Dwight, Derek and Miss Lawrence were instrumental in the show’s success. The women love to learn gay slang and parade their gay friends to events, but when it comes down to it, they never miss a moment to remind us that being gay is not acceptable if it doesn’t suit you.

This is not unique RHOA, all cities are to some degree to blame, but it occurs almost every season in Atlanta in a way that exposes the cast’s biases. In the early seasons, much of the “shadow” that was cast was in the form of transphobic utterances. When Kim dated a female DJ, the comment was ignorant at best. Marlo’s first season as a boyfriend will forever be marked by homophobic slurs. During the Season 8 reunion, Andy addressed the women about this behavior as rumors about then-housewife Kim Fields’ husband’s sexuality were a hot topic. It was difficult to watch, to say the least, but it showed that historically there was a glaring problem with homophobia on the show that the women refuse to work on.

For the most part, the problem has been reduced to an issue within the black community as a whole, something not unique to just one circle of friends. But I’m sick of that excuse. It’s 2022 and we all need to be held accountable for our actions, especially those who support harmful ideologies. Especially if the show capitalizes on queer culture and has a large queer fan base. When Drew freaked out last week and said not to talk about her husband in “that” light, we all know that was coded language. Now that Shereé brings the rumor to Ralph’s attention at a dinner in New York, we see once again how on this show, and all too often around the world, homosexuality is demonized and used to humiliate men.

Unfortunately, Ralph reminds me of the kind of straight black men who thrive on toxic masculinity, so I’d bet money it won’t go down well, although we won’t see his full reaction to the rumor until next week. Before Shereé brought up the gay rumor, Drew and Ralph’s relationship was in the spotlight. Apparently Drew and Ralph are already in a difficult position and they are currently completing a challenge assigned by their therapist where they can’t verbally attack each other for 30 days. Honestly, at this point, break up! Someone’s calling Randy Kessler.

I hope Ralph understands being compared to Marc Daly is the bottom. The producers playing scenes of Marc acting like an ass to Kenya was a great reminder to never trust a white man with a nose stud. I’m really sick of Drew and Ralph, but hearing other people’s perspectives on the two is refreshing, and Marlo put it best: what you allow will go on. Amen.

• Marlo is building a new home for her and her nephews and I can’t get over the fact that her closet is 300 square feet larger than her bedroom. This is the way of life I value and strive for. The scene with her contractor is interesting because it shows Marlo’s insecurity about where her money is coming from; in one breath money is what she is “known” for, but in another breath she accuses the ladies of always hoisting their bags. Choose a track.

• I understand Kandi feeling weird about the condo because Todd shared it with an ex, but after seeing the condo I think that once renovated it will be a great property to add to your portfolio . Kenya needs a by-product from home renovations and I suggest Gizelle from Potomac as their first client. Please help her.

• One of my favorite things to do housewives sees a newcomer switch alliances shortly after being brought onto the show. Sanaya teams up with Shereé in this assistant drama and rightly calls out Drew’s mess. I prefer that to the lightly acted out “should we have another child” storyline.

• I wonder why Shereé and Marlo didn’t get a special visit from Kandi’s half-naked employees. I found out that the two cast members are from Kandi and the gang, which I didn’t know because I avoided watching it due to my irrational dislike of don Juan. He really didn’t do anything special, but he gets under my skin when I see his face. I’m sorry don Juan! Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap Season 14 Episode 4

Lindsay Lowe

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