Real Housewives of New York Reboot Teaser showcases NYC newcomers

When it comes to Real Housewives of New York, one often gets the impression that the behind-the-scenes drama was far more interesting than the drama on the show. RHONY ran for 13 seasons before Bravo decided the ratings weren’t making it a decent success.

Because of this, the channel decided to do a hard reset, branding RHONY season 14 as a series reboot with an all-new cast and moving the old cast to other projects. Well, that’s it. Except, not quite. The new line-up almost fell apart before it even got started.

One of the housewives, Lizzy Savetsky, has reportedly split from the show after an understandable storm of anti-Semitic hate online left her feeling somber. Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that she too had left the series with her co-star Brynn Whitfield due to apparent racial controversies. Given all the drama, it’s hard to tell if this will turn into an entertaining show or if season 14 will crash and burn upon arrival.

The Real Housewives of New York are reborn!

Well, season 14 hopefuls rejoice as Bravo’s official Twitter page posted a teaser for the upcoming episodes, showing that the housewives are getting back in shape. A short montage of New York City sights plays over a remix of Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York,” prompting Andy Cohen to wink at the camera.

After that, each housewife is given a brief spotlight, starting with Jenna Lyons, followed by Erin Dana Lichy, Jessel Taank, Ubah Hassan, Brynn Whitfield and Sai De Silva, all of whom turn heads. The trailer proudly shows the variety that fans have been craving since the Real Housewives IP was conceived.

Previously, many wondered how involved Lizzy would be with the season considering she left production mid-production. Judging from this teaser, it looks like Lizzy won’t show up at all. Admittedly, this teaser only features the main cast, and based on what Andy Cohen previously said about the situation, it was clear that Lizzy wasn’t going to be a “performer” per se.

The New Era of Real Housewives of New York will air on July 16, 2023.

TELL US – WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE TEASER? What do you think of the new cast? Will this new era be better or worse than what we had before?

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