Renata Glasc Runes, Builds, and Ability Rundown

Supports are often considered to be the deciding factors of a game. Good supports can enable your team to take leads, objectives and potentially win a game. With the support meta being so stagnant, it was about time for Riot to release Renata Glasc on the rift. 

The supports are arguably the only ones fighting in the first half of the game while their ADCs farm free minions. Partaking in such life and death battles has its own unique charm. However, things start to change when Renata Glasc joins the mix.

Renata Glasc possesses the ability to ensue chaos on the rift. The Chem-Baroness is an evil dictator that saves a life from one hand while taking it from another. Her domination on the rift seems to be never-ending.

However, it is not all fun and games with Renata Glasc. Unlike conventional supports, you need to have a few factors go your way to have an enjoyable time with her. Therefore, barging right in from the front door is a definite no-go.

Renata Glasc Runes: Patch 12.6

 Renata Glasc has been faring rather well in SoloQ and pro play. With professionals like Hyllissang and Targamas picking up on the Chem-Baroness, it is only a matter of time before everyone starts playing her. 

Needless to say, her kit works great with certain comps and poorly with others. Therefore, we recommend you pick your poison (pun intended). With that said, here are the recommended runes for Renata Glasc: 

What are the Best Summoner Spells on Renata Glasc?

Unfortunately, there are no set summoner spells for  Renata. Certain matchups might require you to go Ignite while others might need Heal. With that said, here is how it generally works:

Flash + Heal

You don’t generally have to build heal on Renata Glasc. If your ADC has not chosen Heal as her secondary spell and you are facing an aggressive bot lane then Heal is the way to go. It can annoy execution-based champions and provide you with that extra survivability to save your ADC in danger. 

While it is not recommended to blindly go for a Heal on Renata, it does have its sweet points. Furthermore, it is one of the little efforts you can put in to ensure your ungrateful ADC’s survival. 

You aren’t a big fan of Renata? Why not take a look at our Zeri guide and learn how to play the newly released champion?

Flash + Teleport

Teleport can be a good means to disrupt the map state. It allows you greater roam potential and can unlock to be a menace in the late game. However, you will be at a constant spell disadvantage against your enemy laners.

Therefore, only do it if you have a winning matchup. If your ADC can survive the bot lane solo, then it is a pretty good roaming tool to kill Drakes and Heralds. While you’re at it, make sure to give some love to your mid laner as well.

Flash + Exhaust

Exhaust is great against burst-heavy champions. For example, imagine a Zeri working hard to proc her Lethal Tempo and Movement Speed to deal massive amounts of damage so you Exhaust her for nearly all of her damage. Pretty frustrating right?

Similarly, Exhaust can be a good tool for winning teamfights. It slows the escaping enemies and can be used both defensively and offensively. However, it can feel a bit useless if the matchup is extremely passive. 

Flash + Ignite

Ignite is the current most popular choice on  Renata for a number of reasons. It fills in the void of your early game damage and can prove to be menacing for squishy targets. Furthermore, it synergizes well with an aggressive laner and can help secure kills wherever needed.

Ignite has a general tendency to make enemies miscalculate its damage and escape late which generally makes them burn a Flash or a Heal. Therefore, you end up with free enemy summoners while getting a kill. A net positive throughout the board. 

Flash + Barrier,

Unfortunately, the barrier doesn’t have many relevant use cases for Renata Glasc. However, having a long-range ADC by your side can make the enemy supports target you instead. Simply burn the Barrier and you have a decent chance of surviving most of their damage. 

Needless to say, it can also be good in baiting enemies to tower dive you. However, the spell is currently far from its glory days due to the addition of items like Serpent’s fang.

Mythic Items for Renata Glasc

Mythic Items For Renata Glasc

Similar to most AP supports, Renata Glasc has the option to morph into many build styles. Every Mythic choice is extremely dependent on the ongoing game state. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to her requirements. 

With that said, here are the possible Mythic options for Renata Glasc:

Shurelya’s Battlesong

This item is great for enabling your team. The movement speed on the active is great for carrying your teammates in and out of the battle. Don’t have a good chase? Pop this bad boy and see your team crashing into the enemy. 

Battle not going your way? Press the active and disengage as safely as possible. Your team might not come out completely unscathed but something is better than nothing. 

With that said, the Mythic Passive on this item isn’t bad either. Renata Glasc functions on abilities, therefore, anything decreasing her cooldown timers is a worthwhile investment. Furthermore, you also get to grant extra movement speeds to those you protect with your W. Therefore, they have a higher chance of killing someone before they die.

Imperial Mandate

In League of Legends, any kind of CC is good CC, and adding bonus damage on top of that CC sounds like a pretty good deal. Nonetheless, you need to hit your abilities in order for this item to take effect. 

Imperial Mandate can morph well into budget AP builds and can help your team gain the advantages they need to be able to win teamfights. Any immobilization or slowing on your side will automatically proc the Imperial Mandate’s bonuses.

Your team simply needs to detonate the marks by inflicting damage on the affected opponent. Sounds too good to be true right? That’s because you need good teammates to pull it off.

Locket of the Iron Solari

Shields are a good way of protecting your teammates from lethal damage. It grants you a fair bit of advantage from the very start of a teamfight that can help you bridge that tiny gap in champion levels.

However, Locket of the Iron Solari can feel underwhelming from start to finish and only shines in proper teamfights. Such fights can be hard to get especially when you are playing in lower elo. 

Needless to say, a 250 – 350 HP shield on each teammate sounds pretty good to miss out on. Therefore, give this item a try to see if it fits your gauntlet or not. 

Moonstone Renewer

Healers have always been a rare breed in the outskirts of Summoners Rift. However, all of that ended when Riot Games introduced this item. Now, every support can heal their teammates as long as they are daring enough. 

A Moonstone Renewer can be extremely useful when your team has enough damage but lack the necessary sustain needed to win teamfights. Healing a certain amount of health on your most wounded ally while in combat certainly feels enticing. 

However, this might not be the best way to increase your KDA and the item can feel really useless if your team has no avenue of getting back into a game. 


Do you think  Renata lacks the necessary roots to chain an enemy down? Are you a believer in the saying “more CC equals more GG”? Then this item is perfect for you! 

Everfrost’s active allows you to lock fed champions for the entirety of your combo. Simply daisy chain your stuns before the enemy gets a chance to move and you are good to go. 

The attacks go wide in a cone, so even if you miss the center part, you can still slow them by 65% for a second or more. This item is a great starting point for building AP Renata Glasc. 

Renata Glasc Build: Item Order

renata glasc build item order

Being a support gives you the advantage to build whatever you want as long as it’s not too “troll”. Therefore, you can choose to mess around with the given path to see what fits you the best in your specific elo. 

With that said, here is a general schematic for Renata Glasc’s build path:

Icon Item Notes
blank Spellthief’s Edge All AP-based supports need to go for this item. Purchasing it will initiate a quest to damage enemies to obtain Gold for whenever you have charges. Therefore, it can make you earn gold while trading damage with enemies. 
blank Boots As a support, you need to roam to make plays happen. Warding is also a part of that. Needless to say, extra movement speed from early on is great to have on a support.
blank Ionian Boots of Lucidity While we’re at it, some Haste will do good as well. You won’t have to wait a lot of seconds just to cast your abilities again. Furthermore, having low cooldowns on summoner spells is a great added benefit for the cost. 
blank Bandleglass Mirror You want to start preparing for your first mythic. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with a Bandleglass Mirror. Its mana regen stat can add a significant boost to your base mana regeneration. 
blank Kindlegem As a mage, you’re bound to have low health. Therefore, a Kindlegem can help alleviate some of that. Furthermore, it is a necessary component for building your Mythic.
blank Shurelya’s Battlesong With the presence of your Mythic, you have a greater chance of surviving ganks and chasing your opponent. It also opens many opportunities for playmaking, especially around the drake.
blank Oblivion Orb Renata benefits from this item through her AOE-based kit. Therefore, if there is ever a need for healing reduction then you will be the one providing it, no questions asked.
blank Bandleglass Mirror You need this component to continue your path of upgrading your basic healing reduction.
blank Chemtech Putrifier 40% sounds like a good number but 60% is something else. Plus, you get to empower your allies to apply this percentage alongside you. Therefore, one item on you is enough for the entire team. 
blank Amplifying Tome You will be going for Redemption next. However, this item will also grant you the flexibility to pivot into something else. 
blank Amplifying Tome We never said you only need one of these now did we?
blank Kindlegem Some health on a mage doesn’t hurt anyone. Instead, it increases your chances of survivability. Besides, you still need this item for Redemption.
blank Redemption Wide area heal? Check!
Everything working with Chemtech Putrifier? Check!Use the heals from this item to allow large-scale anti-heal casting on your enemies. Their suffering is your biggest pleasure summoner. 
blank Shard of True Ice You should have a completed support item since ages ago. Make sure to ward a lot. It can be pivotal in the fights to come. Therefore, skipping on vision is dangerous no matter how hard it’s memed upon.

 Renata Glasc Build: Secondary Item Options

renate glasc secondary items

Summoner’s rift is a chaotic place. No teamfight goes similar to the other and there is always an element of surprise. Needless to say, these surprising elements can prompt you to change your build to match them. This can be hard to achieve if you don’t know the necessary upgrade paths. 

The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth tiers hold the option to be changed accordingly. You can use the following options to decide a valid build path by yourself: 

Fourth Item Options

  • Redemption
  • Watchful Wardstone

Redemption is a great choice to go as your fourth item. However, this is usually the time when fights start to break out and a team starts losing pressure on the Jungle. Therefore, it is necessary to have control wards at your disposal to protect your current pressure. 

With that said, Watchful Wardsone can also be upgraded after completing the quest, thereby making it a cheap but good purchase, especially when you’re looking for picks.

The item can be particularly useful while playing from a deficit since it doesn’t cost a lot to purchase and still provides basic stats needed to be relevant in the game. However, you should give preference to Redemption in a teamfight heavy comp.

Fifth Item Options

  • Watchful Wardstone
  • Redemption
  • Staff of Flowing Water

If you have chosen a unique item as your fourth item then you’ll be met with the same options. This is due to the lack of variations present in the support item pool. Since there is not a lot that can be done about it, it is better to go for the Wardstone or Redemption.

However, there are times when buffing your carries take priority over healing the entire team. For example, you could have a 7/2 Viktor running around terrorizing the enemy team. 

Consequently, the item can also work wonders on a mage-based comp that can utilize a little bit of the bonus Ability Power.

Sixth Item Options

  • Watchful Wardstone
  • Mikael’s Blessing
  • Ardent Censer

Once the early to mid-game is over, you will experience a tremendous increase in demand for control wards. Since this need only increases the later a game goes on, it is recommended to go for a Watchful Wardstone if your team comp is strong enough.

However, keeping your carries alive is also a support’s duty and CC on an AD carry is lethal. Therefore, you can choose to buy Mikael’s Blessing if there is a genuine CC threat in the enemy team. 

Consequently, the Ardent Censer is a great item for buffing your AD carries. However, it has lost a bit in popularity after the recent changes to the Meta. Therefore, it can be a viable option if you have nothing else to build.   

 Renata Glasc: Ability Rundown

renate glasc ability run down

 Renata thrives by sowing chaos among the enemies. She likes to control her opponents to act like her chess pieces. Staying true to this ideology, her kit enables her to assert absolute control over her opponents. 

If that’s not enough for a stimulus then you might want to try taking an ally  Renata’s W. Here is how her abilities work:

Passive – Leverage


 Renata Glasc’s basic attacks deal bonus damage while marking her enemies. Similar to Imperial Mandate, her allies can consume the mark by dealing damage. An enemy with a consumed mark will take bonus damage from the aftereffects. 

Q – Handshake

 Renata sends out a missile from her left robotic arm. Upon hitting the first enemy, the missile roots them. She can then re-activate the ability to move the enemy in a specified direction. This will stun and damage the enemies receiving the impact if the Handshaken target is a champion.

W – Bailout

 Renata Glasc grants the target ally the ability to temporarily revive after getting his/her health depleted. The allied champion also gains ramping attack speed and movement speed in the direction of enemies. If the targeted ally gets a takedown then the duration of the buff resets.

While Bailout is active, any champion will have their health restored to full upon the health bar reaching zero. However, they will start burning to death. The only way to stop this burn is by getting a takedown in that burn duration. 

E – Loyalty Program

 Renata Glasc sends our her Chemtech Rockets that shield the allies while damaging any enemy they pass through. Casting these rockets around her will give its benefits to her as well. At max range, the rockets will result in an explosion.  

R – Hostile Takeover

 Renata Glasc sends out a trail of chemical clouds that inflicts the berzerk status on enemies. During this duration, the enemies will have increased attack speed and will hit anything around them. They prioritize their own teammates while attacking, then the neutral units, then Renata Glasc’s team, and finally,  Renata herself.

 Renata Glasc: Skill Order

 Renata mainly operates on her Loyalty Program and Hostile Takeover. Therefore, it is better to level the E before choosing anything else. It will also give her the damage she lacks in the early portions of the game. Once the E is done, you can upgrade her W and then Q.

In simpler terms, the skill order will go like this:

Playing Renata Glasc: Useful Tips

renatta glasc useful tips

Don’t know how  Renata works? Read the tips mentioned below to get better at her:

  • Save Your W: Try to save your W in skirmishes as much as possible until you find a valid use for it. It’s really easy to burn your W beforehand and have nothing when you need it. Therefore, have some patience until the time is ripe
  • Don’t Initiate Fights With R:  Renata’s ultimate is much more effective when the enemy is not expecting it. The trail is slow, therefore it is easier to flash out before the ability hits. Casting the ultimate at the right time can catch many enemies off guard. 
  • Go for Flanking Positions: Renata Glasc is squishy and is not meant to take the initial brim of the team fight. Therefore, go in a bit late instead to be the deciding factor. A well-lined-up ultimate from behind can break the enemies’ momentum while cutting their path of escape. 
  • Don’t Use Your Q Wastefully: Peeling is important to keep your ADC alive. Use your Q to protect your ADC from a diving assassin or to remove the enemies’ frontline from the combat. 

Ultimately, Renata Glasc is rather weak in the early game. However, her true potential starts to become visible in mid to late-game team fights. While expecting something out of a new champion is justified, don’t count too much on her kit or you might throw a perfectly winnable game. Renata Glasc Runes, Builds, and Ability Rundown

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