Republican Rep. Nancy Mace warns Republicans will “suffer” from tough abortion laws

Rep. Nancy Mace (RS.C.) said Wednesday that the Republican Party will fail in the 2024 election if it pushes through abortion bans. (Check out the video below.)

Speaking on CNN’s The Lead, Jake Tapper asked Mace if her party would face electoral consequences under the restrictive laws or “suffer in the polls.”

“We suffered in 2022 and I believe we will suffer again in 2024 if we don’t have a message that shows compassion for women, both for women’s rights and for the right to life,” Mace replied . “You can reconcile both.”

Mace said even in her conservative state, “a majority of voters would not support a six-week ban that allows for very few exceptions for a very short period of time and requires women to report their rapes to the police.”

“That’s really not going to work for most people, whether male or female,” she added.

Mace made her remarks as Tapper showed the South Carolina House about to be passed Bill banning abortion after six weeks. Exceptions include rape or incest, but those claims must be backed up by a police report or restraining order, she said.

“As a rape victim, I have major concerns about the reporting requirements for rape victims under this legislation,” Mace said, adding that for many who didn’t want to “relive” the experience, contacting law enforcement was unsettling.

The congresswoman said she wants to extend the exemptions to up to 20 weeks to “ensure victims have time to process their trauma.”

“I can tell you I was horrified when I told my mother. It took me seven days to tell her what happened to me and I was a wreck,” Mace said. “And when I dropped out of school, I was suicidal for months. It was a horrible experience.”

Mace has previously sounded the alarm for the GOP as the party escalates its attacks on women’s reproductive rights.

After the Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court, most abortions are now banned in 14 states. The New York Times reported. Some ban abortions after six weeks, when most women don’t even know they’re pregnant. South Carolina passed a similar six-week ban in 2021 but it was dismissed by the state Supreme Court.

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