Review of the Saie Glowy Super Skin Foundation

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Admittedly, I’m a clean beauty skeptic. I’d always firmly held my belief that “clean” skincare and cosmetic formulas just can’t be as effective as their “dirty” counterparts (shout my forever holy grail, the phenol-enriched Biologique Recherche Lotion P50!), but they can Brands like Lawless, Moon Juice and Saie have officially convinced me that I was very, very wrong. I first fell in love with Saie after trying their stunning Sun Melt Cream Bronzers a few months ago, so I was naturally excited when I heard the news that the brand was launching a new foundation. Saie’s Glowy Super Skin Weightless Hydrobounce Serum Foundation is a mouthful, but the formula really lives up to its lofty title. I tend to shy away from foundations that promise a “glow” or “moisturizing” finish for fear my oily skin will repel them, but this serum foundation completely changed my perspective on the glow-boosting foundation genre .

In fact, like many makeup artists and beauty editors, I used to refer to Giorgio Armani’s beloved Luminous Silk Foundation as my holy grail base, but Saie’s new release has dethroned it — and I don’t think I’ll be going back. If you also love Armani’s $65+ Foundation, you’ll definitely be shocked at how similar Glowy Super Skin Foundation is — and I like it even more. The serum foundation diffuses the texture and appearance of pores while blurring fine lines and imparting an I-had-sex glow that I can only compare to Instagram’s ubiquitous Paris filter. The finish is neither too dewy nor too matte and its wear life is surprisingly impressive – it lasts all day – even on the muggiest Texas days running a mile in the sun during SXSW. True story folks!

Saie Glowy Super Skin Hydrobounce Serum Foundation

The foundation is available in 36 shades. I highly recommend investing in Saie’s Base Brush as well – it makes the application and finish even more seamless.

As the name suggests, the medium-level foundation feels like you’re wearing nothing and gives your complexion a flawless canvas without masking your skin or looking sticky. The formula is actually almost 85% skincare ingredients, which means it feels more like a serum than a foundation on the skin. Plus, it’s fortified with a range of anti-aging ingredients to actually help improve Blemishes don’t just hide – including Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid to lock in moisture and plump up fine lines, Rice Bran Peptides to promote laxity and brighten dullness, Polyglutamic Acid to deliver continuous hydration, and unbalanced Hyaluronic Acid to nourish the skin barrier.

Saie’s brand ethos is dedicated to formulating “clean makeup that actually works,” so it’s no surprise that the vegan foundation is completely free of irritating and blemish-causing chemicals, including essential oils, natural and synthetic fragrances, and gluten. It also delivers that smoothing, foundation-like effect without containing dimethicone if you’re worried about clogged pores. Thanks to Saie’s Glowy Super Skin Weightless Hydrobounce Serum Foundation, you can finally say goodbye to relying on filters and ring lights to fake a nearly flawless complexion.

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