RHOSLC’s wildest moments

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was the franchise that Bravo viewers didn’t know they needed. The ladies gave us plenty of over-the-top drama. And some real legal drama, courtesy of Jen Shah.

Viewers watched as once-solid relationships turned icy. Jen’s partner Heather Gay changed her mind. Heather and her cousin Whitney Rose couldn’t identify with each other. And best friends Meredith Marks and Lisa Barlow fell out over a live mic.

Here are the wildest moments on RHOSLC so far.

Mary told Jen she smelled like a hospital – Season 1

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During the first episode of the first season, Jen was furious at a comment her friend Mary Cosby made off-camera. Jen had been in the hospital at a relative’s bedside. When she later met with Mary, Jen’s smell offended Mary’s sensitive nose.

After Mary remarked: “it smelled like hospital“Jen was offended. See, the smell reminded Mary of the time she had her smell glands removed in the hospital. “I was gagging and trying to keep my composure,” Mary later explained. This bizarre argument was viewers’ first encounter with the ladies of Salt Lake.

Jen had a nervous breakdown over Mary – Season 1

Jen threw a surprise hip hop themed birthday party for her husband Sharrieff Shah. Whitney told Jen that both Meredith and Lisa were gossiping about her behind her back. But when Whitney admitted that Mary had told her that information, Jen said seen red.

“Mary is fucking crazy. “Shut up about Mary,” Jen yelled, throwing a glass. As she charged away, she popped balloons and slammed into walls. That’s why we can’t have nice things on RHOSLC.

Mary kicked Whitney out of class – Season 2

Mary planned an Italian cooking class and she was upset that Whitney didn’t answer her call. So she challenged Whitney to wear “mafia streetwear” as a dress code. In reality, “Italian street fashion” was the real fashion wish.

Poor Whitney was carpooling and therefore couldn’t speak to Mary. But Mary refused to accept this excuse.

“You can go, little girl!” Mary yelled at Whitney as she ordered her out of the party. “Mary Cosby, I’ve turned my back on you more than any other woman in this room!” Whitney exclaimed as Meredith walked her out.

Jen Shah has been arrested – Season 2


This incredible moment was of course also on our list. The ladies, except for Mary and Meredith, were in a Sprinter van in a parking lot. Jen got out of the vanShe said her husband was ill. But the NYPD and Homeland Security were looking for Jen.

En route to Vail, the ladies were reacting to the shocking news about Jen when the news broke. Accordingly NBC New YorkBoth her co-star and her assistant, Stuart Smith, were arrested. They were charged with one count of conspiracy to launder money and one count of conspiracy to commit telemarketing wire transfer fraud.

Lisa called all six attorneys while the ladies tried to process the news. This was one of the best reality television episodes of all time.

Lisa and Jens Sprinter Van Confrontation – Season 2


On the way home from Vail, Jen and Lisa started fighting. And it almost become physical. Jen confronts Lisa about her friendship with Meredith. While Lisa wanted to remain neutral, Jen ordered her to choose sides.

Jen was also furious that Meredith allegedly hired a private investigator. This Sprinter-Van fight was tense and difficult to follow. But it was still an unforgettable moment.

Lisa’s Hot Mic Rant About Meredith – Season 2

During a dinner at Cinco de Mayo, Lisa had everyone’s mom infused with tequila breakdowns. She retreated into a room with the microphone on to get some air. She went to her friend of ten years because she felt Meredith was more loyal to Mary.

“Meredith is a fucking piece of shit. “I stood behind you and that offends me,” Lisa scolded. “That damn piece of shitty trash whore. I fucking hate her. she is a whore She fucked half New York,” added Lisa.

The duo’s relationship still hasn’t recovered. Shocker!

Bad Weather came in – Season 3

Best friends Heather and Whitney had one huge bang effect during a lingerie party. Whitney shared with Lisa that Angie Harrington told her and Heather a rumor. Allegedly, Lisa had sex with a man to get tickets to the Utah Jazz.

Heather denied hearing this, which led to a heated argument between the cousins. “Fuck you calling me a fucking liar,” Heather yelled at Whitney.

“Tonight should be hot girls in lingerie gnawing on chunks of meat. And now she’s got me involved, and I’m a liar in my underwear with no steak to be found,” Heather said in her confessional.

Heather continued to argue with Whitney, pushing her out of the way. “You just lost me forever,” Heather exclaimed. When her cousin replied that Heather hadn’t lost her forever, she reacted violently. “You lost me, bitch!”

Whitney’s pain was deep because of the abuse she had endured. But for some reason Heather couldn’t see that. Unfortunately, this drunk event broke their relationship. And they are still trying to solve their problems.


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