Ricky Schroder says he sees UFOs over his house, seeks explanation from Elon Musk

Ricky Schroder says he’s seen UFOs fly over his Colorado property on multiple occasions – and he reached out to Elon Musk for an explanation.

That silver spoon star, 52, posted a video to Instagram on Saturday, explaining he’s seen the unidentified objects and their unconventional flight patterns and characteristics many times while staring at the night sky.

After being stunned by the regular sightings since moving to his property last year, the actor has reached out to Tesla and SpaceX CEO Musk, 51, for answers.

“I moved back to Colorado about a year ago and have been looking up a lot lately,” Schroder said in the clip. “I’m sitting around my fire, I’m sitting in my new hot tub, and I’ve seen things in the stars, in the sky, that I can’t explain. And fortunately, a couple of times other people have been with me and they’ve seen it.”

Ricky Schroder questions Elon Musk about UFOs
Ricky Schroder on September 16, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California and Elon Musk on May 2, 2022 in New York City. Schroder has asked Musk to explain the numerous UFOs he has allegedly seen over his Colorado property.
Gotham/Getty Images;/Gotham/Getty Images

“I’ve looked online for explanations,” he continued. “It’s like you think they’re satellites on a normal trajectory just going straight ahead. But then they change trajectory or slow down and even stop. And even one turned off his lights.

“Those things up there aren’t planes, they’re regular planes. you know i’m a pilot I haven’t flown in years, but I know what airplanes look and sound like and how fast they move. What we’re seeing up there is inexplicable, and perhaps you know it, Mr Musk.”

Schroder suggested he expects his claims to be dismissed because “when you verbalize these things, society wants to make it sound like you’re crazy or something. And that’s another way to find the truth, because sometimes it’s just the opposite of what society says or what the stranger’s programming there is trying to teach you.”

“I don’t know what they are, but they move fast, they can change direction, and they can stop and adjust their lights,” he added of the flying objects.

Elsewhere in his video, Schroder praised Musk for his recent Twitter purchase, before claiming his account was previously “taken away” by the previous owner “after I bailed out Kyle Rittenhouse.” Rittenhouse killed two men and injured a third during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 2019. He was acquitted of multiple charges including first-degree murder in court in 2021.

The Golden Globe-winning star of The winner added that Neuralink—Musk’s brain-computer chip startup that intends to develop ultra-high-bandwidth interfaces between the brain and computers—was mentioned in the Bible.

Elon Musk is praised for buying Twitter
Elon Musk is pictured at Heidi Klum’s 2022 Halloween Party on October 31, 2022 in New York City. Ricky Schroder has praised the billionaire for buying Twitter.
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

In a direct address to Musk, the actor said he’s been looking at Neuralink, and I just wish you were sitting here so I could ask you directly. But I have a question, and that means there’s an old text in the Bible that talks about what you’re doing, developing a chip that goes into people’s brains.”

Then he read verses 16 and 17 of Revelation chapter 13, which says, “And he causes everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and bondservant, to have a mark on their right hand or on their forehead: And that no one can buy or sell except he who has the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Schroder, in his address to Musk, hinted that there was a connection between Neuralink and the End of Times prophecy: “So there’s some ancient text that I think references Neuralink, and that’s why I was curious [to know] What do you think about it.

“I’ve done a little research into Neuralink and it seems like it could have some great benefits for people with limitations or disabilities. So I could see it being used forever in many ways. But my question to you is how do we make sure it is not used for bad purposes? How do you set up security protocols so it’s not used as another control device by us?

Schroder, who has repeatedly expressed his objections to the COVID safeguards and vaccine, added Musk, adding that Neuralink “could have wonderful benefits for mankind and humanity, but then it could also be used in nefarious ways because.” they do with mRNA.

“This makes me very suspicious of Neuralink and your intentions with it. And now you own Twitter, and there’s a lot of data and a lot of people there, and it seems like there’s potential for synergy between Neuralink and Twitter. And so am I. I was really wondering what you think about all this. I wish you were here sitting around the campfire because I think you would be a fun guy to talk to.”

Back in March, Schroder condemned internet pornography, claiming it had “corrupted healthy relationships between men and women”. He also linked the rise of the Internet and other modern technologies to the 1947 Roswell Incident, when it was reported that two flying disks had crashed into a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico.

While there are ongoing conspiracy theories that the U.S. military encountered aliens after the crash, Roswell Army Air Field retracted a statement that a “flying disk” had been recovered, saying the crashed object was actually a conventional weather balloon .

https://www.newsweek.com/ricky-schroder-asks-elon-musk-explain-ufos-over-his-colorado-home-1756699 Ricky Schroder says he sees UFOs over his house, seeks explanation from Elon Musk

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