Rings of Power Recap: Season 1 Episode 5 – Elrond’s Mithril Problem

The following contains spoilers for Episode 5 of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Proceed accordingly.

In this week’s episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerthat’s what we learned Prince Durin IV is not one to mess with.

At dinner with the High King Gil-galad, Elrond, and Celebrimbor in Lindon, the dwarf was well prepared for Gil-galad’s dubious question as to why the dwarves lit so many fires in Khazad-dûm. Durin answered with a question of his own: why did the elves grow their cities and send off their soldiers so quickly?

And just to make things even more awkward, he then solemnly asked where the High King got the table they were eating at, which was made of a sacred stone normally used on monuments and tombs to honor the dead. Gil-galad quickly apologized and assured that he would return it to the dwarves.

Durin later confessed to Elrond that he lied about the table. He knew Disa wanted a new table and he found a clever way to get her one. Accusing an elf leader of sacrilege in his own home and then getting free furniture out of it? Brilliant.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of PowerGIL-GALADS TRUE INTENTIONS | In a private conversation with Elrond, Gil-galad pressed the young herald if the dwarves had found the ore they were looking for. Elrond refused to answer that, clinging to the oath he had sworn to Durin – that he would never tell a living soul what he saw in the mines.

That didn’t stop Gil-galad from urging one last time, and also revealed why mithril was important to the elves. According to legend, an elf warrior fought a balrog in front of a tree. Lightning struck the tree, and the force of their conflict seeped from the roots into the mountain and into the ore that held the light of the lost Silmaril.

Why the Silmariles are important: Crafted by the elves, the three precious jewels contained some of the essence of their sacred Two Trees of Valinor (the silver and gold trees that gave light to the Valar until they were transformed into the sun and moon). One was thrown into the sky, one was thrown into the sea, and the last one got lost somewhere on land.

Gil-galad interpreted his rotting tree as a sign that the light of the eldar, the thing that gives life to the elves, was fading. The only way to save her race was to procure vast quantities of mithril, hoping that the unwavering light of this ore would be her salvation.

This left Elrond with two difficult choices: break his oath to Durin and betray his friend, or save his people from annihilation. But the kind-hearted elf found another way. He made Durin understand why the elves needed mithril, and Durin agreed to try to convince his father to help them.

SOMETHING ODD ABOUT THE FOREIGN… | With the caravan fully packed, it was time for the Harfoots (and the stranger) to move on to their next location. Traveling through places like the Gray Marshes and Thistledel, they landed in eerie forests that were unusually barren. Meanwhile, a dark figure in a white robe – one of Sauron’s henchmen? – was suspiciously interested in the crater left by the stranger when he crashed in Episode 1. Are they being followed?

The stranger still can’t remember who he is, but he started showing more powers. When Poppy and Nori were attacked by wolves, he struck the ground with a powerful blow and the rippling magic sent the beasts away. Later, while soaking his injured hand in a pond, he froze the water — along with Nori’s hand — and sent it flying away. The outburst startled Nori and she ran away.

PROBLEMS BREWING IN NÚMENOR | Queen Regent Míriel sends five ships with 500 soldiers to Middle-earth to help fight Sauron in the Southlands. Kemen tried to talk his father Pharazôn out of it, but Pharazôn had his own reasons for supporting the expedition. He believed that the Númenóreans would reap the benefits of helping the men of Middle-earth rise, including new trade routes and great real estate prospects. There was no way he would stop this.

Kemen took matters into his own hands, sneaking onto a ship and attempting to burn it down. He was captured by Isildur, who retired as a stowaway after his father Elendil refused his request to join the expedition. The ship exploded anyway, and the unlikely pair covered it up as an accident to avoid trouble. Isildur’s heroic act in saving Kemen from the blast earned him a coveted spot on one of the ships that set out for Middle-earth. However, his excitement was cut short when he realized that Elendil had made him a stable boy. This kid can’t win.

Despite this, the ships with Míriel, Galadriel, Halbrand (who had changed his mind), and the others eventually set sail.

WHO IS HALBRAND, YES, REALLY? | Maybe Halbrand isn’t Sauron after all. When Galadriel begged him to join her in fighting the Dark Lord, he pushed back again. “You don’t know what I did before I landed on that raft. You don’t know how I survived, how we all survived,” he told her. “And if these people [the Númenóreans] find out, they will cast me out. You too.”

We then jumped to a flashback where the creepy bartender Waldrick Adar, who he thought was Sauron, swore his allegiance. Adar didn’t confirm or deny it, instead urging the bartender to prove his allegiance by killing Theo’s friend. The scene ended before we could see if he continued, so the boy’s fate remained unclear.

My theory: Halbrand is either Theo’s sidekick or an adult Theo who survived Adar’s impending attack on the watchtower. At the end of the episode we saw Adar and his troops march towards the fortress, ready to fulfill his promise to punish those who refused to join Sauron.

WHAT ABOUT THEOS SWORD? | Waldrick called the hilt a “power created for our ancestors” by Morgoth, and it looks like there’s more to the story. Theo showed it to Arondir, and the Sylvan elf recognized it at once. It wasn’t a sword, it was a key. Where to, however, remained unclear.

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