Roy Wood Jr. names the real ‘Trump-hating wife’: Melania

While Donald Trump was busy making most of the headlines on Tuesday after being arrested, charged with 34 felonies and arraigned in a Manhattan courthouse, Roy Wood Jr. couldn’t help but notice that Melania Trump — the blushing bride of the former President of almost 20 years – at no time during the day did she seem to stand by her husband.

Ironically, it was Trump himself who drew attention to his spouse’s MIA status when he made the grossly miscalculated decision to attack both the Manhattan District Attorney and the judge who will be handling his case. “I have a judge who hates Trump,” Trump told a crowd of onlookers about his predicament. “With a wife and family who hate Trump.”

“To be fair,” Wood admitted, he wasn’t quite sure if a “Trump-hating wife” was even an insult in Trump’s eyes. “Because Donald Trump also has a wife who hates Trump. You can’t tell me Melania doesn’t hate this man. If anything, this week was an endorsement… Let me ask you this: During Donald Trump’s 45 minutes as a political prisoner, where was his wife?

Melania’s absence did not go unnoticed by the media, and many journalists asked the same question. But Trump’s missing spouse became even more of a topic of conversation on Tuesday night when Donald – smelling of courthouse – returned to Mar-a-Lago to hold a press conference at which he rattled off a seemingly endless laundry list of issues he’s had with everyone, instead of sticking to the point. However, Melania was once again absent – while Marjorie Taylor Greene and MyPillow man Mike Lindell were on hand to celebrate Trump’s sweet, sweet freedom.

“Even the pillow seller turned up for the speech,” Wood lamented. “But his own wife didn’t show up – and the speech was in the house! Melania didn’t even come downstairs.” Roy Wood Jr. names the real ‘Trump-hating wife’: Melania

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