Roy Wood Jr. takes on Donald Trump in ‘Daily Show’ hosting debut

Within a few hours, the world could very well witness Donald Trump’s criminal gang. Meanwhile, Roy Wood Jr. capitalized on his first night as a host The daily News to keep viewers updated on what’s going on with the former POTUS, who Wood imagines is feeling pretty pissed off right now.

“You know Trump must be mad,” Wood said. “He paid all the hush money, didn’t keep anyone silent. it’s messed up It’s in the Word: silence. Shhh! But no affair—NO Affair – has been less hushed up than this one. Everyone knows about this damn affair. There are uncontacted tribes in the Amazon that know Trump boned Stormy Daniels.”

But don’t think for a second that Wood feels sorry for the ex-president. “Because not everything is bad for Trump,” Wood said. Trump reportedly managed to raise $5 million from his supporters in the 48 hours following his indictment. “Do you know how many cigarettes you go to jail with?” asked Holz.

“Frankly, this could teach this man the wrong lesson,” concluded Wood. “Trump is going to start telling people to rat him out on other crimes he’s committed just so he can get that bag too. Trump will be the first man in history to pay insatiable money.”

After declaring that “going to jail might be the new way of raising money when you’re a politician,” Wood noted that the practice could catch on. “Hillary is probably sitting around saying, ‘Damn, $5 million. Shit, maybe they should have locked me up.’”

Wood’s first night behind The daily News Desk was notable for another reason: He’s the first regular correspondent to guest-host the show since Trevor Noah left in December. And he’s made it clear he’d be willing to make it a permanent thing. “I think if you’re asked, you have to at least think about it,” Wood said in October while appearing on The Last Laugh podcast. “You can’t say no to an opportunity like this. At least you can’t turn up your nose there.”

For more information, see Roy Wood Jr’s The Last Laugh podcast. Roy Wood Jr. takes on Donald Trump in ‘Daily Show’ hosting debut

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