Running for fun: How dew point and humidity affect running

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — On this week’s episode of Run for Fun with Leigh Spann, we talk about running in the summer. In particular, how dew point affects your runs.

A high dew point is a sign that the humidity is high. Dew points are often a more accurate way of measuring humidity than using relative humidity. Relative humidity changes throughout the day as temperature changes. Dew points typically remain stable throughout the day unless there is a major change such as a front.

The way your body cools down is by sweating And Let the sweat evaporate from your skin. When sweat turns from liquid to gas, evaporative cooling lowers your body temperature. If the air is already saturated with moisture, sweat will not evaporate completely and your body will continue to heat up.

Trainer Maria explains why running feels much harder when the dew point is higher and gives tips on how to keep running in the summer without succumbing to the heat. You can monitor the dew point and select days when the dew point is lower. You can also seek shade and make your runs significantly slower so your body isn’t overloaded.

Finally, Leigh and Coach Maria discuss staying hydrated. In the hot summer months, just drinking water is not enough to make up for lost sweat.

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