RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 8 Episode 4 Summary: Spill the tea, Heidi!

Another Friday, another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 8. This week the girls fight! Nearly. It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of this next week. At the moment, Heidi N Closet is kinda like this. We may only be three challenges away, but she feels underappreciated by the judges. So much so that she almost left the competition of her own accord. Luckily she stuck with it. Let’s dive into the mayhem of Episode 4.

Another split vote

It seems like there won’t be a single unanimous vote this season of “All Stars.” Turns out four queens were trying to send Darienne Lake home for Mrs. Kasha Davis. Jimbo, Jaymes Mansfield and Heidi immediately professed their voices. They said they relied on the “track record,” which is fair enough.

Darienne might have been in the top four in her original season, but she didn’t exactly add shine to this All-Stars season. Now she feels the pressure “like a fat child on a wicker couch”. I laughed, but also felt a touch of sadness for this powerful queen who wanted everything from her.

Ryan Murphy has nothing to do with these queens

RuPaul arrives to win this week’s Maxi Challenge. Divided into teams of three, the queens are tasked with creating their own scripted series. It can be any genre as long as it’s must-she television. Teams are randomly assigned as pit crew members Bryce and Bruno nearly run over many of the girls in a hilarious balloon-popping mini-game. We ended up with LaLa Ri, Kahanna, and Heidi on Team One, Darienne, Jaymes, and Alexis Michelle on Team Two, and Kandy Muse, Jessica, and Jimbo on Team Three.

Most teammates seem to get along. Kandy and Jimbo are tense when it comes to casting the pit crew for their series. Kandy wants someone to play a killer, but Jimbo feels the role is best given to someone who actually competes with him. As so often, Jimbo was right!

All three ideas for the shows could have been excellent, but some are executed better than others. Michelle Visage’s face is a picture when she sees Heidi’s costumes and hears LaLa’s hilarious accent. They feel like the frontrunners of the episode, which makes the judges’ decision all the more confusing.

If Heidi wasn’t mad before, she is now

As the Queens prepare to walk the runway – Category: Ace The World Turns – Kandy has Heidi contemplating dropping out of the competition. Heidi doesn’t enjoy having her weak moment addressed – once again – in front of everyone. To the point where she threatens to expose the crap Kandy said about someone (Jimbo) while the cameras are off. She doesn’t spill the tea yet, but it comes.

Toots are EVERYWHERE on the catwalk. Only Jessica really seemed to be choosing something safe and middle. Appearing in outfit of the week, Heidi took the category literally and transformed into a naughty Eeyore from the Hundred Acre Wood. Combined with all the laughs they got during their “Run Queen Run” skit, she seemed like the ideal winner. The production had other ideas. Her team was considered safe while Jimbo won the challenge.

Can Jimbo win a lip sync?

This week’s lip sync assassin comes to take on Jimbo. The queens all voted and decided who to send home from Darienne, Jaymes and Alexis. At this point everything is clear for Darienne.

Jimbo points out that they have never won a lip sync in their drag racing career, although they have competed in five races. That doesn’t change in this episode either, as Shannel enjoys a ruveal that captures Mama Ru’s heart. Another $10,000 is making its way into next week’s prize pool, but Jimbo seems just happy to be blasting through the competition.

As predicted, the group sends Darienne home. It’s a bittersweet moment. Her track record this season speaks for itself and she was the only fair choice. But knowing what she can do just felt wrong. Luckily she has the Fame Games to keep her going.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 8 will continue on Paramount+ in the US and so on WOW presents Plus In the United Kingdom.


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